• Study Proves Christianity Stops Genocide

    July 11, 2011 8:03 pm 19 comments
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  • Scientists have long suspected that the world would collapse into complete chaos without Christianity. However, lack of evidence has made this hard to prove up until recently.

    Now that a new chart has been popularised by email, scientists can breath a sigh of relief that what they’ve always believed has now been proven: Christianity doesn’t just save souls, but also lives.

    The blue and red chart shows clearly that the rate of mass murders, genocides, and massacres drops rapidly during the Christian era, with a short reversal of the trend between the rise of Islam and the start of the Holy Crusades. The trend then takes a dramatic turn for the worse after the rise of secularism and atheism, with Reagan’s presidency as the only saving grace.

    Whether homosexuals, atheists, and cat lovers will reject this science or not remains to be seen, however one thing is clear: unless Christianity can reclaim its rightful place in politics, the future of the human race may be in serious danger.

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    J. Edgewater Johnathan Edgewater is an enthusiastic science reporter and recent convert to Christianity. He has two loving cats which he one day hopes to replace with dogs.

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