• The Absolute Truth About Cats and Dogs

    July 5, 2011 8:54 pm 123 comments
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    Adam Nelson




    The Truth About Cats And Dogs

    via Epic Pony

    Cat owners tend to be mean and manipulative people.  People who love and adore cats are the tip of mouthbreathers who think it is okay for a mother to murder her child and get away with it, despite substantial facts against the obvious.

    Why is it that if a dog scratches someone or gets upset, that everyone is out for its blood.  If a cat violently attacks, it gets away scot free.  Why is there a double standard in that?

    This is all saying that cats are vermin that are overpopulating the Earth.  The sooner we can get the cat numbers down and prosecute people who are helping spread this vermin in our society, the better.

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