• The Bitch Syndrome

    July 11, 2011 1:03 pm 13 comments
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    The causes of the infection.
    Social culture, imposing it’s own rules, creates new forms of complex neurotic diseases. One of those psychological abnormalities is called: “The Bitch Syndrome” (abbr. “TBS”). Medical institutes prefer not to treat such types of psychological abnormalities, because they are beneficial to support a pyramidal social structure. Such infection carriers create dissatisfaction and irritation of the opposite sex in society and it is a great profit for certain group of people, called homosexualists.
    The “Bitch” infection can be picked up in crowded places through contact with lots of emotional vibrations. Naïve and unexperienced beings can be sucked into pits of hell, because of their curiosity and stupidity. This form of the deflection may occur because of previous soul wounds, which would lately bring the disease to surface.
    Symptoms of the disease.
    The human being, which is affected by infection, begins to gather around him/her a lot of beings of the opposite sex (unlimited number), and tries manipulating them to create psychological wounds, or simply to make their life painful. Infection carrier uses the same technology that is guided by a female dog during sex games.
    An infected human being can intrude into a group of people for inflicting deep emotional wounds to more naive members of the group, which will be made on an individual basis and in secret from the other group members.
    The Law and DNA.
    In medieval times, in European countries there was a law that one day in a week was set aside specifically for beating up women. Such procedure made women quiet and discreet. If the guys for some reason forgot to do it – their women screeched, enraged their husbands and did everything possible to incite violence in their own address. Over time, malevolent aliens created a law, that every possible woman’s dope fixing was illegal. Woman’s desire to get a dose of “medicine” is laid at the DNA level. Statistics shows that 90% of women want to be violently raped. And this all happens only because of quite small change in the “law”. Guys, who were already fucked up enough by women, are forced to beat each other’s mugs or swallow a poison under excuse, hoping to heal received wounds this way.
    To heal such wounds a male needs only to show the proper “respect” to the source of irritation.http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/7830/dvmanhitswomanop528x600.jpg
    A man should clearly understand that violence against women in a state of maternal love is a crime, and beating the woman-bitch – is a medical assistance. Intentional transformation of a normal woman into a bitch – is also a crime!!!!
    Progressing infection can reach one of the most extreme forms, which will be expressed in a homosexual relationship. This means that the disease is transmitted as to females and as to males. This raises additional concerns because of the possibility of bisexual split personality.
    Let’s examine the situation using Ying-Yang as an example. Uncontrolled energy Yin will destroy everything, all in a row. And if Yang will die half – second half will be much weaker and to deal with it will not take much. Thus it is possible with shorts and tights to destroy an entire race.
    One of the most extreme forms of the “Bitch Syndrome” is an attempt to strike through the media, such as television. Infected individuals with minimal attractiveness, using fitness to keep fit, shoot their actions, which cause aggression or disgust of the audience, with the casual bodies. Such actors and models came to Earth from hell for making our world to rot. Such people should be charged for the standard “medical assistance”.http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/1968/0gagwide.jpg
    Some victims of the infection prefer to consider themselves as multi-personality. For example, Mary- quiet schoolgirl, student, or a director (convincing everyone that it is precisely she), and after lunch – the heroine of “Santa Barbara” (for fun), and in the evening – the leader of a pornographic VIP series (not able to overcome herself). There is also an example “of semiconductor personalities”, the appearance of which varies for each situation. That’s a way of life they have. All these clinical cases of neurotic disorders need standard “medical assistance”.
    Rape in the military.
    There are actual cases where a woman comes for a visit to the army of a loved one and not at her own wish has to stay there for a month or two. Her loved one at this time may lie in a ditch with a hole in the skull. Imagine this situation: an army boy chews his snot in his room while his colleagues destroy the foundation of the life of his girlfriend. Although, if necessary, a suitable specimen could be easily invited to serve the army, which itself tends to it. Some of the crime accomplices, who sensed people’s obedience and fear of weapons continue to go in this direction, sitting in the police, for committing violence against defenceless people: schoolgirls, students, women. The law is also on their side. After all, how can a criminal be a defender of public order? Offender – is a person who rebelled against the law, but not the one who mutilated a slave. By this, any application to the court of the slaves will be rejected and ridiculed. “Law” is always right! By this the initiators of this kind of rape, are sentenced to banishment from the Earth and get a ban on the right to enter the Heaven, which is equivalent to the standard measure of “medical assistance”. http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5601/germanwomenrapedberlin1.jpg
    Pick-up – is a technique of destroying female body and mind. As well it is a discreet technique of rape. However, the application of this technique is not for rape, but only to create fatal soul wounds, which is equivalent to killing a person. A murder of the body is also considered as a crime!!!
    The main purpose of such technique is the partial or sharp humiliation of the person subjected to pressure. For example, the insults about clothing, appearance or social status. Humiliation can influence an object and you can achieve any desired result. Exposed person may get in trouble, then lose interest in conversation and life and kill herself.
    Pickuphilia -is a form of neurotic abnormalities, which may be exposed to young people. Pickupers – are mentally ill individuals of both sexes, often with contagious abnormalities, in which the “Bitch Syndrome” has reached a final stage. .All contagious pickupers are in need of standard “medical assistance” and vaccination.

    All above-listed cases of a “Bitch Syndrome” should be immediately cured. If your family member or a loved one or a friend have such infection you should instantly take measures and prescribe a standard dose of “medical assistance”. May God be with you!

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