• The Burlesque Boy Workout, A Disturbing New Agenda in the Homogay Movement

    July 4, 2011 12:33 am 2 comments
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    Burlesque is a new term that’s springing from the dirtiest streets of Queens New York, the new gay capital of America. Apparently, the homohuffing community is toking back on fats and doing anti-diets, so their bodies can become ‘burlesque’ and then they have twinkie time with each other.

    Like most sick and annoying trends, this all started in Canada.

    Gay workout instructors are now making exercise tapes where they take men through the cycles of the burlesque workout: anal clenching, twinkie stuffing, backyard posturuing and gluteal pommeling with the broomhandle. It’s all sick and you can tell that there is nothing health related to this agenda besides getting ready for sick, sad acts.

    Colleges like New York University and Manhattan Polytechnic will be offering B.S. degrees in Burlesque Education next year. This is just another sign of the times and more of what happens when you allow gay marriage. If your child is going into collegiate athletics or physical education next year, parents, beware because you may have a little burgeoning burlesque on your hands.

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