• The Dangers of Hardcore Music

    July 16, 2011 4:20 pm 17 comments
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    Hardcore music or Hxc as it is known in the community is a form of music that engages in intense homo-eroticism through violent thrusts and yelling mimicing the sounds of gay anal sex. This music is created and goes hand in hand of the homo pervasiveness of straight edge.

    As many people know, straight edgers or (XXX) engage in xanax and veganism to heighten the sensations of anal pleasuring. Alternatively, they also create gaping holes in their ears (called gauges)to allow for an extra 2 slots for insertion druing homosexual intercourse. This sort of deplorable actions faces a serious threat to the Christian community as many youths are lured in through promises of a clean safe environment but are bombarded by the transient homosexual lifestyle that God did not intend for his children.

    Hardcore music also has subliminal messaging in the choruses and guitar riffs that encourage youths to destroy their body through tattoos and various deviant piercings. We need to be on alert for these sorts of deviants and their tight fitting clothing (lets the same sex know they are of homosexual orientation). Protest deviant bands such as Arkham, The Throw Away Kids, Take Aim, Contra and Lil B The Based God.

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