• The Difference Between Barack Hussein Obama and President George Bush: Children

    July 18, 2011 3:28 pm 8 comments
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    Katie Dahm

    President George W. Bush was the last true president of America.  He had a heart for the people.  An every man who had to squint when he stared at the Sun and liked his steaks a little seared beyond well-done.  There was a certain safety and security you felt in your heart when you knew Bush was at the helm.  It was like following asleep in your buddy’s back seat after a night of drinking.  You knew you could trust him to get you home and inside to the wife, where you would be ready for work the next day.

    We betrayed that good buddy for a man named Barack Hussein Obama.  Obama is cold and sleek, like a Russian Trotsky-sculpted figurine come to life.  Obama is cold and precise, without a good measure or read of the heart.  The heart of America is what makes this nation course with the warmth of conservative values and the patriotic pride of our Christian heritage.

    Sometimes men like Obama corrupt words so much, that they lose meaning.  How can we trust the words of fork-tongued snake who has betrayed us so much, so frequently, with his teleprompter scripted lies not affect our appreciation of words.  So instead, let’s take a look at pictures.  They are worth many words.



    See the difference?


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