• The Nazi Boys of Brazil Return, with Superevil Magnetic Powers

    July 10, 2011 11:55 am 7 comments
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  • X-men is an evolution-agenda comic series where people with fantastic powers sweep through the sky shooting African lightning and handcrafted soundscreams that can frustrate even a honey badger’s tough ear, all while a terrestrial assault of the mind by a telepathic handicap and his menacing menagerie of costumed masochists subdue society with their impossible abilities.  To this day, it was thought all this was impossible.

    America is a moral nation and we do not allow ‘genetic scientists’, which is synonymous with ‘Nazi eugeniscist’, to do their perverted Aryan super screed science in our moral nation.  We had enough of their nonsense in the 1940s and nuked Japan twice to teach them a lesson:  don’t mess with America or we will wildly strike anyone who is an enemy.

    It is a lesson Germany took to heart just like Palestine, when we punished them for bombing us on 9/11 by attacking and destroying Iraq for no real good reason, except we don’t like Saddam.  You would think that Palestine and Germany especially would be repentant and fearful with guilt, but today we find this is far from the truth.  The terrifying ‘boys of Brazil’, the escaped Nazis of World War II, have been making a new jungle army of mutants to terrorize America.  And today, ChristWire brings you exclusive footage of one of these new mutants uncovered by our CIA.


    Today’s news report has required me to take 3 nitros to stop the chest pain because it is so scary.  After World War II, several crack addict Nazis managed to swim from France and around to Spain, where they took a hidden German armada and invaded the coast of Brazil.  The most powerful and influential German scientists were among the Hitler lovers to escape America’s wrath and hide in the thickets of Brazil, where Mexicans and Palestinians have long used political pressure and oil money to buy advanged radar-jamming technology to hide the ongoing Nazi experiments from the probes of American satellites and recon planes.

    Finally, however, the code was cracked and the first laboratory we attacked was called project Magneto, aptly named for the American comic character owned by Marvel.  Even in secret, the Germans mock us and use our words to bring the end game.  With no further wait, let us look upon the new soldiers being crafted by Germany.

    With but a wave of his hand, he can deter all of our nuclear weapons away. With but a snarling swish of his lip and arrogant cocking of the brow, he can crumble the metal base of our nation’s dear sweet statue of liberty. Look at how dinner instruments cling to his body. The boy is only 11 and already masters a power of Satan, geomagnetism.

    This is what happens when America refuses to keep Japan, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, African, Mexico, France, China, Chinkagong North Korean Charlies, China, Soviet Commies, Atheists and gays in line. They create these monsters behind our back!

    I can only wish this was 2012, where we could vote the president who vowed to firebomb every inch of the Amazon rainforest until it all smoldered in defeat into office because we have to wipe these Germans out before they make up new genetic monsters. What’s next?

    Laser eyed Jewish saviors who swish around America at supernatural speeds, persecuting good Christians ala Superman? Supergenius homosexual men with a bat fetish who batarang men unwillingly at the urinal, if you get my drift? Or will it be a psychic who can steal our thoughts and secrets, transferring them to the Chinese or worst Russians to make them more powerfuler than America.

    Don’t say it is not true because you all have seen the video of Magnetic Boy of Brazil! This is terrifying and I cannot wait to right Congress TO DEMAND who build millions of neutron bombs and just push the botton and keep firing until all our enemies are gone completely! Enough!

    Everywone tweet this to your twitters so we can quickly warn everyone the Nazis are coming again and this time they have used the evils of genetics to do their bidding. #twitters scared becasue nazi magnet boy army being cloned in #brazil

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