• The Tragic Psychology of the Homosexual Mind

    July 16, 2011 7:34 am 66 comments
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    Dear Amber,

    We live in the Sea-Tac area and have been greatly enriched by your advice columns for several years now. Your perspective on issues facing our city and now for families across the nation is truly an inspiration.

    I do have a personal question for you. A family ‘friend’ is having trouble with a son who struggles with sexual identity. All throughout childhood, the boy was normal and played sports. He achieved good marks in school, was always a great delight and in middle school and high school, took appropriate interest in girls. Or so my friends thought.

    After his first year in college as an English and Poli-sci double major, he came home for the summer with an announcement. He had a boyfriend. This news shocked his parents and my husband an I as well, because he was literally a second son to us. What happened?

    What causes a boy raised in proper faith and family to stray after only one year in school. Do you think something tragic may have happened to him at a fraternity party and now he feels maybe dirty? That’s the best I have. Any insight into how we can reach out to him is greatly appreciated.

    – Concerned and Appreciative SeaTac Mom

    Send your advice questions to Amber at askamber@christwire.org

    Dear SeaTac Mom,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and it is good to know my advice has blessed your family.

    Most people choose to be gay due to a trauma that they unfortunately experienced as teens or younger. Statistics show that for every one homosexual, four boys get molestered. It is truly sad and even worse that children as young as 12 are receiving the groundwork to get converted to this dangerous lifestyle choice.

    Now when children deal with trauma or feelings of not ‘fitting in’, for whatever reason, they tend to withdraw and become introverted. These type of people usually fall into habits of drawing or writing as their ‘release’. Humans are created to be social, and if a person becomes introverted they will still act on that instinct and communicate with yourself through art.

    You’ll notice that many men who do writing, fashion and art tend to act feminine, and that’s because they honed their skills as an introverted child. Practice does make perfect. If you ever clinically observe a gay male, you may notice he tends to doodle at his little secratray job or keep a neat personal diary. These are all habits they picked up as an introverted child who was ashamed of some trauma or odd feeling in their lives.

    Now while you must have a heart of these people, not all gays grow up to be very nice victims. A good portion of them want nothing more than to overrun the world with gays so they can get their agenda passed. They are hijacking politics so they can have gay marriage, adopt children, turn those children gay then force everyone else into accepting it’s ok for kids to be gay. Remember many of them tend to like to diddle your kids a bit too, so it’s all dangerous.

    So more than anything I bet at least half the people in creative arts industries like comics are gays. They trained their hands in the gay way of arts and prose writing at a young age. And they are very talented.

    Then you have to take in all the interest groups (investors, Democrats, abortionists, atheists) who all have their own agenda for wanting more kids to grow into gay adults.

    At the end of the day, though, you still have to have a heart for the gays. They are misguided and in need of being healed, so they can turn normal again.

    This applies to your ‘friend’s’ son here, because he sounds like a classic introverted gay.  It may be tough, but sit down with your husband.  Also look at this primer by another respected psychological profiler and investigative reporter, Stephenson Billings.  Stephenson is well-respected in his expertise on the homosexual mindset and I fear that one of your friend’s male relatives, perhaps an uncle or cousin or terrifyingly even father, may have done illegal touching at some point.

    Have your friend refer to Billing’s profile test, Is My Husband Gay, and she should bring up this issue in front of the entire family at the next reunion.  She should accuse whoever she suspects to be guilty of touching her son and if he gets irate, lashing out and yelling in vehement denial, tell her to call the cops!  He is most likely guilty for all of this.

    Remember, introversion, an affinity for writing dainty prose and being an English major are not hallmarks of a healthy boy.  While he may have played sports, inside he was tormented and it fully manifested in college.  That is my gut faith on this one, SeaTac Mom, and outside a fraternity corrupting is the culprit for his emergent homosexual choice in life.

    To fix this, prayer, counseling and pulling the child out of school until he is under the right mindset is of paramount importance.  Tell your friend to pull his funding for college and have him attend counseling sessions, if the home is safe and the husband is not guilty.  Best wishes, SeaTac mother and my heart and prayers also go out to this corrupted child, who stands in need of great healing.

    <3 Amber

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