• There is No Such Thing as a Friendly Atheist

    July 4, 2011 5:14 pm 169 comments
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  • The world wide web is large and full of sin. The only way ensure avoidance of Satan while browsing the internet is to set your homepage to christwire.org and refuse to click any links that take you off-site. Be warned: I am about to link to a non-Christwire sin site. Please ask all women and children to leave the room, and pray before you click this link:

    The Evil Atheist Math Teacher Agenda | Friendly Atheist

    The writer of this post, an atheist homofriendly math teacher, expresses fear at Christwire’s recent exposure of his sinful irrational teachings. It is not clear from his writing whether his fear is real, as it should be, or whether he is pretending to be afraid to mock the holy agenda of the Lord. If his soul was filled with something other than atheist bilge sinwater, he might have thought to make it clearer whether or not he was joking.

    Poor humor, however, is not the most troublesome aspect of this website. Neither is the horrid design, with illegible Satanic markings next to a picture of a smiling Mexigay.

    No, the content itself is even more base and sinful. In its entirety, the “Friendly Atheist” blog represents a sustained propaganda machine designed to spread the Chinese homo lie that atheists can be friendly. Friendship is a gift from the Lord and without the Lord no friendliness can exist. Reading just a few posts of this atheist fecal word vomit blog makes it clear that the author is far from friendly, and is a hateful heathen sinner bigot like all atheists are.

    Here is a post where he threatens physical violence on the body of good Christian author Mitch Albom. Here is a post where he promotes the Japanese homogay foreplay tool “Sudoku.” Here is a post where he answers an e-mail from a good Christian woman whose soul yearns to return to the Lord . He tells her that she will go to atheist hell if she does not stay converted to atheism. Atheists are not friendly and you are not fooled by this sinner’s serpent words!
    Perhaps the most telling insight into the atheist’s true nature comes in the form of this homoslappy incestuous fightpost about some recent “controversy” between feminists and atheists . The controversy surrounds an incident at an atheist convention. I had never heard of atheist conventions before this, but I am not at all surprised that they are dens of sin and hate. Despite the swears the author uses in his post title, I recommend reading this one in its entirety. It is an issue that is apparently very “hot” in the atheist blogosphere, with over 666 posts on the matter. I could not be bothered to read them all because I am very busy praying. Here is the Unfriendly Sintheist’s take:

    1) Female 1 says she is tired and wants to go to bed. It’s 4:00a.

    2) Unknown Male approaches Female 1 in the elevator and asks her if he’d like to come to her room. (Guys, that’s creepy. Don’t do that. No matter what you think, you’re never going to be suave enough to pull that off. If you wanted to talk to Female 1, you had several hours to do it and now she’s going to bed. Game over. I don’t care if you just wanted coffee. That’s irrelevant.)

    3) Female 1 says no and then goes to her room.

    That should be the end of the story. We all learn a lesson in What Not To Say To a Tired Woman at 4:00a and we move on.

    But of course that’s not the end of the story.

    4) Female 1 makes a video in which she mentions the situation.

    5) Female 2 responds to the video saying that situation doesn’t sound as bad as Female 1 made it out to be.

    Atheists are very angry all the time because they lack the comfort of the Lord. They also think they are gods and everyone wants to hear their opinions about everything, so they constantly blog, Tweet, and comment on each other’s bloggers and Tweeters. That explains why “Female 1” needed to make her first video, bragging that despite her homely appearance, a man was interested in her. (If you would like to see the relevant part of the video, skip ahead to 4:20. The sin drug number “420” is not coincidental because all atheists are drug addicts.)

    This whorelot was flaunting it for all to see with her oddly colored hair and her come-hither shoulders–at hours when women should be in bed–and she has the indecency to mock a man bedeviled by her titful ways. Felchy Atheist’s post is much the same as all other bloggers’, with nothing to say other than “You are all wrong and I am right about everything,” the only thing any atheist ever wants to say. It is filled with hate and contempt for all who are not the titular “Friendly Atheist.” Truly, I ask you: how are we to believe that atheists can be friendly when they can’t even be friendly to each other?

    The writers of Christwire sometimes disagree with each other on minor issues, but our community forms deep and loving bonds strengthened by Christ. No atheist will ever experience the love that we have for our fellow Christian man, and for that I pity them. You will not be tricked into thinking that friendship is possible between godless heathens. You know that “Friendly Atheist” is a sinful heathen anus death lie.

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