• Turn Down the Radio, Black People!

    July 12, 2011 3:54 am 29 comments
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  • It happens every time I go to visit my dearly departed husband at the grave yard or go to church on Wednesday. Some times I even hear them from blocks away IN my house, and whenever I have to drive though a little slice of the ghetto, to get somewhere.

    Every time I pull up to a red light some hoodlum always pulls up next to me blasting some $0.50, Puff Dizzy, or some 666 Mafia. They have it so gosh darned loud that it rattles my windows, dentures and soul. How can they even listen to it so loud? How can they sit in a car with the windows up and not have their uneducated brains splattered all over the insides of their stupid jacked up monster truck Chevy Caprice?

    And don’t even get me started on those stupid cars. They call them “doinks”, and think that it is the bees knees to have giant wheels and tiny tires. Some of them are so high, they need step ladders to get into them. One of my grandsons, works at a tire store and said that to do that they have to completely mess up the suspension of the car. They are worse than mexicans! Buying a piece of junk for a few hundred dollars and then spending thousands of dollars turning it into some ghetto version of the QE2.

    My grandson also tells me that his employer leases the wheels to those people. Most of them pay, coming in with wads of cash. Where did they get that money when they are unemployed and getting food stamps and WIC? You know how they’re doing it. They’re selling little baggies full of “Mary Wayne” and “Cracked Rock” to children and their “homeboys”.

    These people disgust me. I am not talking about Blacks in general but these Afro-gay hoodlums, with their pants around their ankles that embrace this “ghetto culture of death”. Say what you will about Mr. Obama but you don’t see any “dubs” on his Cadillac Limo. You don’t see Herman Cain wearing “Bling” to the Republican debates, and you don’t see Morgan Freeman blasting wrap music as loud as it can go.

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