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    July 16, 2011 11:29 pm 33 comments
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    When Bryan first exposed Cochella fest, I thought he had found the bottom of the barrel when it came to the debauchery that the younger generation in this great nation are capable of, the uncontrolled flow of homogay energy into unsuspecting young teens and children. I honestly thought that things could get no lower, I wish that I were wrong. The dangers of Japanese kiddie porn known as Anime are not secret here. Imagine my surprise when I discovered something deeply troubling. Anime conventions where young women whore themselves in maid outfits have spawned a video game convention. Video games, a scourge upon this land, has mated with rock music and jazz to spawn a four day pit of the deepest, darkest sin.

    This abomination is called MAGFest, the music and gaming festival. I would call it sin overdrive. It’s 4 days and 3 nights of wall to wall drunkenness and debauchery. A relentless gauntlet of video games, rock music and rape. I delved deep into the bowels of the internets and facetube to bring you this important message. Do not take this lightly, watch this promotional video.

    What is this, a young woman planning to rape a man presumably old enough to be her father? This is incredible, just the promotional video contains references to vile sexual acts such as rape and feminine domination. You know a woman’s place is on the bottom submitting to her husband. This rape, femdom and sexual relations without the bond marriage is a chilling reminder of the culture we live in.

    As vile as that is, the heart of this threat is, video games. These are not just any video games. They feature a large collection of rare machines from Japan, prime land of sin. These games come unfiltered and as a result are much more potent in their power to pervert your Children. The power of the gay energies emanating from the machines can be seen in the young men below. The largest attraction of MAGFest is the console room, where games from all eras are found. Many of these games found here are older titles from before the game industry was forced to begin rating it’s games and cleaning up it’s act. Games like Mortal Kombat and Shaq-fu, both of which are games where you’re a black magic ninja who possesses power over the elements. Clearly influences of witchcraft and pagan tree worship.

    This brings us to the music segment of this convention. That is, if you could call this racket music. Here, darkness-filled music from evil Japanese video games is further infused with evil by being turned into a most evil sort called “metal”. A chief perpetrator in this crime of flesh is a band called ArmCannon. They play rock covers of evil rhythms from an old game called Megaman. This game is of particular interest as it is especially dark. It’s about a man named Doctor Light. As any astute reader of christwire would know the devil can appear as a benevolent being of light. In the game he creates living robot people — playing God, if you will — bringing forth offspring without the aid of a woman’s womb as God intended.

    This band, an apparatus of evil, travels all over this great land spreading their hell spawned noise to children just like yours, unfettered by decent folk. An electric wave of darkness emanates from their loudspeakers puts the audience into a state where they are ripe for demonic influence. Once in this state, the influences compel innocent youth to participate in deviant acts, re-enacting many vile scenes they witnessed in the games the music initially came from.

    I hope to have more on this dire threat as the months progress, but I must give a Thanks to a P. Berry for telling me of this monstrosity of depravity.


    As this story went to press, MAGFest announced it’s dates and location for their next celebration of sin. It’s going to be in a Hotel called “GAYlord National”, January fifth through the eighth. Just after the new year, a date important to dirty baby sacrificing pagans. This time of year is especially important to them as the dark energies along with optimum sun and moon alignment are at their best for unspeakable sacrifices. Need I say any more?

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