• Do You Really Want Credit for this Crappy Reproduction of “Transformers”, Paramount?

    July 3, 2011 9:33 pm 15 comments
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  • Transformers is a vile movie series that comes with a “G” rating but is nothing but an eyefest of big explosions, short shorts and scrap metal orgies of robots who tout an evolution agenda.

    The movie is not wholesome and definitely not summer family fun.  It is a sexualized script where robots fornicate and violate the orifices of all around, in a quest to evolve a race of robot and human hybrids.  This movie is devastating for any child, yet parents are allowing kids to see this film, unsupervised even.

    For this reason, I’m releasing a ‘cam’ version of Transformers 3D so you parents can see just exactly what the film producer Michael Bay and his little stripper cast are using to ‘entertain’ your innocent children.

    Movie Title: Transformers 3D – Dark of the Moon 3D
    Movie Rating: S (Sinister) for – grinding metal sex scenes of sweat and iron, evolution agenda, demon worship, homosexual docking between man and machine, violence, bad language, Michael Bay, drug use

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