• What Is Gay Edge?

    July 17, 2011 5:56 pm 49 comments
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  • Image of Gay Edge’s Pioneer Joe Manglowiano, now known as “Joe My God”, standing dramatically and barrel-chested in a 1980s photoshoot.

    Steamy hot sauna rooms that promise all comer-ins that they will be sultrily cleansed from without and deep within. The passion of flushed faces and mucky flesh, sweaty from the high heats of blistering water’s dipole moment boiling in the deepest throes of thigh-clenching passion, a lustful yearning that’s only released for a cool down when the highest moments of drug-filled ecstasy are fulfilled. This description is Gay Edge, and it is the new church of homosexuality.

    Its prophet: a man who calls himself Joe My God.

    In a shocking development in a falling America, there is a new religion on the scene. The homosexual tricksters are calling it “Gay Edge” and their motto is that they can do whatever they want and still be Christian, because the New Testament is ‘all above love”. Anyone who disagrees with them, well, they say will go and burn in hell.

    Such shocking logic and words are typical of the gay community, who know that they defy nature by engaging their reproductive parts in ways that will never create children as instructed by God.  Yet, we see they are having church pew orgies and thinking that this is the fecal lined path to heavenly glory.

    The image above shows a Gay Edge church, where the heavy 80s dry ice smoke screen and drugged super bongs cause the parishoners to hallucinate and beleive they are having a spiritual experience, when instead all they are feeling is a cracked cocaine addicts Tuesday morning.

    The order of the service is as straight and rigid as any Catholic diocese, which a touch of Afro-baptist.  The opening moments of a gay church start in Sunday School, where children are forcefully taught that it is normal to have two fathers or two mothers and that Adam had an illicit relationship with Satan in the Garden of Eden.

    The bizarre events continue during the opening procession, where a nude acid fueled choir walks in and hopped up on ecstasy pills, sings choruses like “Rain Down On Me, God” and “Agape Anal Love”, both hymns penned by Joe My God himself.

    Then after an offering service and a quick orgy interlude, the final sermon comes and that is when it gets the raunchiest.  The preacher baptizes ‘fresh soul twinks’ in pools of astrogliding iniquity, then the head priests of the church each take terms ‘dipping’ within the new convert and ‘blessing’ his sin cavity.  It is all a very surreal experience and terrifying.

    These churches teach that living life to the “Gay Edge”, that is engaging in same-same sexual marriage mud pacts and then telling everyone you are still Christian will lead to eternal glory.  We see Joe My God has even made a commercial to recruit more people to this movement and it goes to show, America the Moral is becoming America the Fallen.

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