• What is Psoriasis and Is Psoriasis Treatment for Kim Kardashian In the Works?

    July 25, 2011 7:50 pm 5 comments
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  • Kim Kardasian is a fat-bottomed girl that Freddie Mercury would sing about but never touch.  And today, Kim Kardashian is asking herself What is psoriasis because she has been hit with it.

    At first glance, this would seem to be a story about God smacking another whoredangle celebrity with psoriasis.  There is no treatment for psoriasis, at least not permanent, and what better punishement to make a woman who forces men think to think nasty backside thoughts when there wives are not around.  Is psorisasis treatment in this case divine?  Is God giving Kim the business because she was being a scalawagging scampy?

    There is only one way to really balance out if this is something natural or a fitting punishment for her pant-tightening crimes against manity.  Psoriasis photo evidence of this shrimped scallop monger.

    WARNING:  The following image media is for explicit medical review and contains psoriasis photo imagery not for the soft of heart.  The medical imagery is worse than watching a puppy be dissected alive.  Please pray and make sure to tell your wife gut-wrenching medical images are coming up for review, then demand she brings you a damp towel and bucket in case you get sick.  Demand all women and children leave the room before scrolling further down to partake in complex and vivid medical analysis.

    Kim Kardashian

    In this image, Kim Kardashians left elbow is seen and is somewhat pink.  When God smites someone with psoriasis, you can usually tell because you will see them crying outside a gate to a city, just like when they called it leapord see in the Bible.  They called it this because they were spotted like a mean jungle leapord.  You can see this specimen is also wearing a sindress and is trying to entice you to look away from her branded elbow sin from God.

    Psoriasis Treatment Judgement:  Guilty, trying to hide the leapord psoriasis on the elbow with boonshayne tight dress distractions.

    In this photo Kim Kardashian is wearing a devil red Prada swimming suit, but then we see another Mexican in the image.  You can see the white-suited Mexican is sinning with Mammalian desire but look at her face.  She is making the stink-face and looking at Kardashian’s suprapubic sins region.

    People with psoriasis often time have what’s called psoriasis diet.  Psoriasis diet is simply eating too many fatty, greasy Mexican foods.  Too many foods from Mexico will cause your skin to turn pink and itchy like a pig and that can cause hives and even swine flu as we found out last winter. 

    You can also see the dividing line in her rumps area emerge from the swimming suit, letting you know she is marinated with sin and trying to make everyone have pogo sticks at the pool area.  The Mexican is so shocked by this full-figured close-up of sin she had to take off her resort sunglasses and move her hair from a face to see if it is all real.

    Psoriasis Treatment Judgment:  Not Guilty, Mexican fast food can cause skin irritation.  Image is still sin-soaked due to the supple dividing line of the anterior saggital rump region being exposed.

    Here Kim Kardashian is taking a picture with Pamela Anderson.  Pamela Anderson has hepatitis psoriasis, which goes into the bloodstream and she got it from glam rocker Tommy Lee Jones (who was also looking craggly in the skin in his recent Captain America role). 

    You can tell this disease is highly contagious and spread by standard STI spreading contact:  gapped legs, lapping tongues and musty brothel worthy bedsheets on a home bed.  When you make a living enticing guys to come over, some will follow all the way in and take a dive into your sin and unfortunately for these girls, they must have seen the scalp of Tommy Lee’s hoodless turtle head because psoriasis scalp of the phallus spread is the most common way to get this illness. 

    Psoriasis Treatment Judgement:  Not guilty, psoriasis scalp can be an STD

    Now many people have asked and wondered if maybe Kardashian has guttate psoriasis.  Guttate psoriasis causes ones gutteal muscles to become excessively large because the skin irritation clogs up the sweat causing subbaceous glands, which then causes oily bottom in tight pants that hussy girls are waring this day and age.  We all know Kim K loves her some tight pants and heaven help us all when she does.

    But that is not the point.  The point is that her guttate psoriasis is again not an act of God, but simply a clothing choice.  She is causing her voloptuous rump end to become bigger by wearing these tight pants.  When she goes home, as seen in this classy home photo of what she looks like all the time at any old time (and you can bet your wife will never look like this on her best day!), she takes the pants off to let the skin irritation go down and reduce swelling.  She must lay like this for medical reasons.

    Psoriasis Treatment Judgement:  Not guilty, guttate psorisas is simply poor clothing choice

    As fun as it would be to say Guilty and make judgements, Kardashian is not guilty.  I wish she would be more modest but God is not judging her for this.

    Let’s hope that psorisas research continues to improve and that this young and confused young woman continues to have great blessings in her life and this psoriasis has no effect on her career.

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