• What Is Psoriasis Caused By and How to Treat Psoriasis

    July 25, 2011 8:30 pm 16 comments
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  • Psoriasis is not a disease cast down from the heavens.  Let’s get that straight when someone on this site asks what is psoriais caused by.

    I just read the article by Abe that hinted that somehow, psoriasis is some form of modern day, post-new-testament leprosy (not leopaord see, you mouthbreathing and likely mouth-breeding Republican) and even hinted psoriasis may have been some plague God casted upon the very attractive Kim Kardashian.

    To get rid of any myths, here in the real world there are people who study on these things and no that simple science, genetics and sometimes environment collude to cause and even irritate skin conditions.  We call ourselves dermatologists.

    Watch this video and I am sure you Fox News rednecks will spin the truth somehow, but hopefully it actually helps one of your readers who may actually suffer from this condition.

    Dr. Joseph G. –

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