• What is Straight Edge?

    July 10, 2011 6:47 pm 490 comments
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    At my recent college freshmen orientation, I met some kids whom claimed to be “Straight Edge.” I did some research when I finally got home, and the results were shocking. The “Straight Edge” is a street gang. Their code of conduct is audacious and they are super violent as well as super home sexual. They prey on the innocent youths of the world and trick them into being their sex and drug partners. They have a special sector of the gang that is responsible for finding new victims. This sector is called, “Edge Watch.”
    The Straight Edge gang started when youths went to musical performances at bars. They wanted to ingest so many drinks and drugs that they were on the “Edge of death,” hence the moniker Straight Edge. They told their friends to continue feeding them alcohol even beyond the point of being coherent. They would draw an “X” on their hands with a marker before leaving home for the musical performance. The friends would see the “X” on the back of the hand of a body laying the corner of the bar. With seeing this marking, they would know it was encouraged to force more alcohol into the person. Sexual acts and drugs soon followed.

    The Straight Edgers soon developed a code of piercings and tattoos so that the others knew how far the lifeless body of an intoxicated teen would want to go. *note, surprisingly this system is respected as law within the community of Straight Edgers. Apparently, one can be exiled for going beyond the preferences of a passed out gang member.

    How to spot “Straight Edge”?

    Their outfits of tight fitting and dark colored clothing should have been enough to warn me. However, they also brandished tattoos. Some of these tattoos would even cover an entire arm or leg. Deliberately covering ones entire arm with a series of tattoos is known as “having a Steve.”

    This chart correlates the body part to drug preference.

    X on back of hand – alcohol
    Right Arm “Steve” – all pill drugs (Ecstasy, Ridilin, Ambien, Viagra)
    Left Arm “Steve” – anal play
    Right Leg “Steve” – cocaine
    Left Leg “Steve” – mushrooms
    Both Ears holding large plates “Caged” – bestiality
    Nose piercing – Open for anything
    Some other common body disgracing includes “sXe” “XXX” or names of their specific Straight Edge locality, ex. “Minor Threats”

    It should also be noted that many Straight Edgers are also vegetarian or vegan. They chose not to have real food in their system because it supposedly dilutes the high that they want to feel from drugs and narcotics. Their whole lifestyle is supremely un-healthy and therefore it is an honor for a Straight Edger to wake up in a hospital bed not knowing what happened.

    That is all I have for now. I will report back when I learn more about them. I really wish my parents had enough money to send me to a private Christian school, that way I would not have to watch my back all the time.

    God Bless,
    Charles Williams

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