• What Schools Offer the Best Veterinary Technician Program?

    July 18, 2011 12:34 pm 64 comments
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  • Veterinary technician is a promising career that takes very special, motivated people with a mind for scientific knowledge and a heart for pet owners and their furry, feathered and scaly companions.

    What schools in America offer the best veterinary technicial programs? We will look into this important question, as a veterinary facility is only as good as the technicians who will handle, transport, administer medications and groom pets, usually having more interaction with the animals than the skilled animal doctors who oversee the facility.

    When looking to matriculate into a veterinary technician program, one should keep in mind several important factors:
    1) Cost
    2) Reputation of school
    3) Regard and Esteem animal clinics in area you wish to work hold the local schoools you may attend
    4) Academic Excellence of Facility/Experience You Can Earn

    This simple guidelines will help you find that best vet tech program and prepare you for a very in-demand career.

    1. Brown Mackie College
    Brown Mackie College is a Nationally Accredited institution that has an excellent track record and strong advertising campaign, boasting in how many successful students have gone on for careers in pet and animal care.

    Veterinary physicians have noted that graduates of Brown Mackie are always ‘fast with the hands and twice as fast with a heart that beats for passion in their career’.  The students of Brown Mackie learn that taking care of an animal is just not all about clinical excellence:  it is also all about caring, comfort and nurturing, something that all schools do not teach.  Brown Mackie graduates are typicall very well-rounded and prepared for a career in veterinary medicine and many go on to become veterinarians in latter portions of their careers.

    2.  Penn Foster College, Online

    Penn Foster College is a great school that offers students flexibility and a challenging curriculum all in one!  The neat aspect of Penn Foster’s academic accredidation is the ability to learn vet tech skills online, giving students freedom, flexibility and access to quality education, despite distance from a place of learning.

    It seems that at the end of each semester, a ‘hands-on’ experience for learning and handling animals on site is also provided.  What a neat, novel and reputable way to learn animal care with convenience.  This school is definitely worth checking out and is good for the price.

    In the balance, we see a good distribution of learning opportunties at campus based and online veteriniary technician schools.  Both institutions have pros and cons, and in the end, it depends on your needs as a student as to what sort of school you can attend.  There are a variety of websites that neatly profile the nation’s veterinary technician programs and you may view all schools here.

    If you are interested in vet tech or are currently enrolled in a degree/certificate program at a nationally or regionally accredited school, please give insight and share your experience and what schools you may suggest or find less than satisfying.

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