• Why is Everyone on Facebook Asking for Google+ Invites?

    July 8, 2011 5:36 pm 37 comments
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  • There is a new Google+ Invites phenomenon coming about that apparently has Zuckerburg and his Facebook cabal of code sheisters in a frenzy.

    As many of you should already know, Google is the most moral country on Earth.  Every day it helps us find our way through America with amazing maps, helps us email the world tidbits of morality and lets the lesser nations of Earth be jealous that they cannot have a powerhouse company like it.

    Facebook is the brainchild of a spinster who stole coding from two strong, barrel chested twins of great family background and Christian rearing.  We all know the story of Zuckerburg and how in typical genetic fashion, his greed led him to build a temple empire on the broken dreams of men who worked hard to achieve.  It must have been how Rome felt when the Jews there refused to pay money during tax season, but built big enormous temples and thumbed their noses at Zeus’ crumbling little monuments.

    But at least they introduced the Bible’s Old Testament to the Romans, but I digess.

    Google+ is set to take off during the year and many members here have invites to give to friends.  So if you need to exchange, feel free to do it and review your thoughts on the awesome new service.

    This article presented with translation help from intern editor Tyler Talbert.

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