• Wicked Loving Lies of Romance Fiction Addiction

    July 17, 2011 7:01 pm 24 comments
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  • At 13-14%, the romance fiction genre is estimated to be the largest share of the fiction literature market. Akin to black market recreational opiates, romance fiction has remained a constant sales performer and enjoyed moderate growth even in the weakened economy with over $1.4 Billion (USD) in sales within the US market.

    While some believe romance fiction applies mordents to the marriage symphony by embellishing with trills of orgasmic fantasy, others see the mordant corrosion and defilement of honesty and trust necessary to shield the marriage sacrament. The unbalanced ideas promoted by the romance novel are etching acid to the steel codpiece of the marriage relationship. Concepts such as the ‘alpha male’ as well as abnormal sexual health practices and illegitimate relationship mores raise serious questions for many husbands and pastors.

    On the Kindle of a teenage Christian woman in your congregation’s youth group, there’s a “young adult” fiction bestseller. Should that concern you? – Dr. Daniel Russell Moore

    Some pastors have appropriately compared romance fiction addiction for females as equivalent to pornography addiction for males. Although the delivery of the stimulus for male pornography is visual compared to the more thought polluting and idealized form in the female directed genre, the diseased affects of defiling God’s gift of sexual pleasure with amoral dogma upon the individual are similar. The hard work required for a healthy relationship is absent from these fantasies. Debased bodily pleasures replace the couple’s joyful expression of God’s love in marital congress.

    The debate represents the rent that exists between the Christian and non-Christian concepts of at home sexuality. For Christians, healthy sexuality encompasses the whole being – mind, body and soul. Much as fire requires fuel, oxygen and heat, healthy Christian sexuality requires the mind to be unpolluted, the female body presented as lithe adequate fuel and the passion of evenly yoked temperature determined by the male.

    “Fleas carrying Black Death were imported into Europe in romance novels.” Rachel Grant, Romance Author and Golden Heart winner 2011

    The non-Christian principles of the romance novel pollute the female mind with depictions of the despoiled physical thrusting of passion-slickened rod flesh penetrating musky clefts culminating in spiraling arcs of electric that race through the body like sprung coils of hot copper. This difference is clearly illustrated in the lapsed moral character of the addict and the deformed perceptions of what makes an adequate male mate.

    “My plea to romance writers: please stop writing. You are destroying marriages, the fabric of society, and the entire cosmos.” – Jason Pinter, Author and moral compass #Romancekills

    A woman addicted to these types of ‘bodice rippers’ is cultivating demon seeds of sexual independence outside of marriage with distorted perceptions of the male form. The chest and belly of the normal male are softly cushioned and rounded, not carved with shark toothed ribbing that bids a tongue to lick, discover and map the rippled topography with the aggression of Spanish conquistadores in a new world. A woman yoked evenly to a man does not seek these thrills; she is content and satisfied with his company. Dutiful, she does not judge his easy going beta male status as a negative. Not all men are testosterone temple alpha males. The romance addict does not acknowledge this.

    Middle aged married women with deformed perceptions of the male romantic figure as alpha male are disappointed in the be-waddled husband that rips one under the comforter and snores contently next to her. He believes his role as moral gatekeeper, father and bread winner are enough. His naiveté can be costly. Her wicked appetites whetted for more exotic fare, his presence next to her in Church becomes droll and banal. She might stare, eating cheesecake with a butter knife, out of a dining room window at the glistening body of the shirtless college boy mowing the lawn. Urges perch, pecking gooseflesh on her skin with a soft flush as a distant pulse thrums deep within. She is a marriage flight risk and potential scandal for the community.

    “The Titanic hit that iceberg because the lookouts were too busy reading romance novels.” Literary Agent Amy Boggs

    For the younger Christian woman, an addiction to these novels spells disappointment for an unattainable ideal due to a malformed view of marriage as an end objective. Too many beautiful young Christian women are quickly disenchanted with married life yoked with a perfectly stable young man simply due to these expectations. They forget that God does not write junk novels for our lives. Instead they prefer the idealized man that will perpetually sweep them away for adventure and exotic locales.

    What is forgotten in this land of make believe is there are no sequels for the heroine after conquest. The female protagonist of the current hot romantic novel will only return in subsequent novels as a loving supportive figure for a younger heroine, never again to quiver at the hot breath and probing manhood of a dandy highwayman that has stopped her carriage on the way to a nunnery.

    The female mind is easily polluted with the empty promises and fallacies of the romantic novel. It is a fact used to sell books and create lifelong addicts. Simple, loving procreative sexual congress is redefined as something that goes beyond a relaxing baby making pleasure. Within the scope of romantic novels, nowhere is this more evident than in the depiction of female pleasure.

    Depiction of female orgasm leads to an unrealistic anticipation of electrified buttery flutters culminating in nether mouth latching of insatiable thirst for a full service oil change that arches the back, curls toes and kicks the tires for good measure. While reasonable for birthdays and anniversaries, the day in day out sexual bread and butter cannot be anticipated as a rich dessert tray of decadent treats. The innocent husband, unaware of the high hopes conjured by the romantic spell, may abruptly grunt short of these expectations thus leaving the woman stressed, dissatisfied and pondering the cold wet spot of the connubial bed.

    Women that fall prey to the siren song of the romantic novel are far more likely to have personality disorders and engage in risky lifestyles that threaten sexual health with disease. Studies show an uppity countenance as well as demands for sexual gratification from males are commonplace amongst the fiction addiction groupies. The expectation of male dominance and serendipitous sexual coitus leads many seemingly docile domestic housewives to employ home sexual knobbles while gently rocking in the knitting chair or vacuuming the hall for hours on end. Some turn to other women and form gangs. These social sister orders will form by geographic communities or interest groups online in order to exchange books and secrets to self pleasure outside the marriage bed.

    While some fans of the genre have self aggrandizing characteristics that lead them to refer to their online selves as ‘smart bitches reading trashy books’ it is important to note the addict has little or no effective education beyond the high school level. Many online addicts are snuggly wearing females with little interest in personal hygiene and appear to others as a cat harboring harpies that happen to blog. Far too many are Mormons. These women have exchanged the safe harbor of marriage for the hapless empty promises of creamy loins and soiled panties. They justify their addiction by enticing others and aiding ‘sin sisters’ in finding more pulp novels to keep the cycle strong.

    Righteous men of literary honor like Jason Pinter (Twitter #Romancekills) have risen above the fray to champion the abolition of this filth from bookshelves and Kindles. Jewish editors like Tamar Fox are joining the fray a little late to the game, but only seem to be interested in mocking Jesus rather than conducting serious fellowship.

    Michelle Bachmann, newly famous heroine of a bestselling romance novel and 2012 presidential candidate, has hypocritically signed a pledge to abolish the romance novel under the guise of protecting women and children from pornography and rejecting home sexual activities. The vow also validates that home sexuality is a choice, and that reading romance novels is a public health risk privilege that must be aborted. One must wonder about a candidate that simultaneously receives benefit from a source they promote as costly and out of control.

    Some romance novelists are steadfast in protecting the literary form by suggesting if a pastor warns that romance novels are dangerous to the soul, then readers should stop attending church! This is an outrage, until one realizes this woman’s mind has been tainted with the poison from her own pen. She is unable to convey her advice without fragmented sentences and flowery babblings.

    “These stories show role models in the context of romance. Those who disagree with the idea of role models should stop going to church if they look up to their pastors. And this viewpoint makes teaching Sunday School dangerous. Wouldn’t want to be a role model for anyone.” – Tamela Longmire Hancock Murray

    Unchecked abnormal and inappropriate desires have no place in Christian home sexuality and certainly not in the mind of the Christian woman. Romance novels provide far too much warmth and fertile soil for the seeds of independence to be healthy in the Christian home. It is time for women to release their romance novels to the wild of the landfills or compost heaps and begin again to relish the company of men who adore them. It is time to let Jesus be our Fabio.

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