• American Air Force Unleashes Fastest Plane Ever Falcon HTV-2, China Shall Perish

    August 11, 2011 4:32 pm 24 comments
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    Behold, hide-a-eye Chinky pies! You think your Xinhua suki saki deathship warship scares America! We laught in your face and unleash death from above you amphibasians!  Behold America’s power commies!

    Artist's rendition of the Falcon HTV-2

    Take a look at that beauty racing through the atmosphere.  It is called the Falcon HTV-2 and it is the latest instrument of peace unleashed by The United States of America.

    The skin of this plain glows with a Godly, wrathful glow because it’s hull can sustain temperatures of 2,000 degrees Celsius.  That means that even when the steel of lesser nations melt, America’s new peace glider shall continue to rain bullets and nuclear oblivion all over the carcasses of their plague masses.

    There is nothing God hates more than China making warships so they can do Pearl Harbor all over again, so this is more proof that God approves America as his favorite nation.  No one else on Earth can compete with the power, stealth of speed of this new air vessel.  It can even travel in space.

    Read these words.

    By the time you finished reading that sentence above, the Falcon HTV-2 will have travelled 18 miles.  That is as fast as death lightning and will rip the heart-sizzling current of defeat all through the bones and flesh of our capitalist hating enemies.

    For you ignorant atheist yahoos who don’t know no science, listen here so I can learn you something. Just so you can get a taste, of true American Godly power.

    This plane so fast, it can travel from the continent of London, England, to Sydney, Australia in less than an hour!  This means we can carpet bomb the entire Eastern hemisphere with nukes and neutrinos in less than an hour!  Bow before America’s might.

    When in space, this plane can travel up to 17,000 miles per hour.  With only taking a minute to reach space, we can technically launch an aerial invasion at any point on Earth within a few minutes.

    What a great gift for all the world, to see America flex her power once again.  The plane will officially launch and join the US Air Force on Friday.  The government will not release how many are in production, though estimates put the number at 50.

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