• American Military Needs To Invade London, England

    August 8, 2011 8:24 pm 109 comments
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  • Human right’s violations in London, England, are spreading quickly and wildly.  As seen in the volatile inner-city areas of London over the weekend, brutal clashes between freedom fighters rallying against police violence are being met with armed government resistance.

    The people of London are being terrorized by an oppressive government, the same government that suppressed the rights of every American and many other nations for centuries.  The brutalities against the London commoners include looting, forced quartering of troops, physical assault and abduction. 

    Prime Minister David Cameron, who is quickly absorbing the powers of the House of Lords and Commons, has worried even the crowned heads at Westminster Abbey.  The Queen Mother is purportedly in hiding as the Royals prepare to side with the commoners, as this power grab is that of military might and Conservative Party ambition.

    Unlike America, the UK’s Conservative Party has always stood for militant nationalism and adherance to a strict social code where a class of rulers will Lord over the parishioners.   In the system Cameron is establishing, we find the evil ideologies of Muammar Qaddafi and even more terrifying, Idi Amin.

    The iron will of these dictators spilled into a bloody, fire-seared memory that still haunts the nightmares of those who survived their reign.  Now, we see the same fate is befalling our distant cousins in commerce and heritage in England.

    Cameron’s Dragoon Savage Street Crossing Guard Now clad in all-black military garb, modern day dragoons forgo their traditional feathery floofed hats and red coats as they deeply strike shreaking terror into the hearts of London commoners. Being a man of the vest and uniform, one brave street patrol guard is brutalized by a brigade of dragoons outside a Manchester elementary school. The man was last seen crying and screaming, being savaged by Cameron’s troops as the brigade’s Colonel continued laughing and demanding the school be torched once all students were removed.

    Schools in Manchester are all being torched, for reasons still unknown to the global community. Rumors exist from inside sources the Cameron plans to force England’s ‘peasant class’ to be trained in agriculture or military purprose. “Cameron’s Children”, as he is purportedly calling them, have a similarity to another group of children trained by a dictator we all loathe and despise.

    My heart goes out to the people in London. Do not worry, the American army will soon be there to bring you the freedom you crave, just like we did in Iraq, Egypt and Libya. We are coming, England, to claim your country as ours to protect. You will know true capitalism and freedom when you’re done. In return, we just need you to pay us some nice taxes so we can fix our economy and keep protecting you from Dictator Cameron. – Charles Reagan, GOP DC Lobbyist, 8-8-2011

    The situation in London is dire and will require military intervention.

    The people of the United Kingdom do not have a right to bear arms. They are mere fawns in a blistering sea of camouflaged hunters. Their people do not stand a chance to defend their right to life, liberty and happiness as guaranteed to them by the American guaranteed Geneva’s Convention. America has a Constitutional duty to protect the people of England and more than ever, they need us to cripple their corrupt government and set their nation straight.

    In a time of civil unrest in all these third world monarchies and dictatorships, much as seen in Libya, Egypt, Syria and now famously the United Kingdom, it is imperative that the US uses precise, tactical action. We must not be shy in flexing our military strength, arming the people of England and bringing them a true revolution for the public.

    A free English people are needed, for our most staunch ally — despite their past betrayals and aggression against our nation — is England.

    The British people are capable of ruling themselves and in time would even be worthy of statehood, should their governance as a protectorate prove satisfactory. The bigger issue behind all the politics, however, is decency. We have a moral obligation to protect the people in London from tyranny.

    Masked man walks past a burning car outside a Carhartt store in Hackney on August 8, 2011
    British man covers his face and flees, after a group of dragoons laced his car with a Molotov cocktail. The scene is similar throughout London and now in the surrounding areas of Liverpool and Manchester. Fires throught the countryside and heathland have agrarian families fleeing, with nowhere to turn. Groups of English youth known as ‘chavs’ have taken to freedom fighting, but armed with only snark and cobbled arms of wooden sticks and metal bars, they hold no chance of true rebellion against the well-armed UK military gone rogue.

    Smug in rule, David Cameron casually sips a coffee as he takes holiday during the London Civil War. His troops, strongly armed and technologically superior to the commoners, have nearly sached London and will continue their reign of terror until outside intervention takes place. Having destroyed America’s credit rating with an oil-scheme hatched by the back-stabbing Prince William, who acted against the wishes of the Queen Mother, the “New Gods” of England feel with the US reeling financially and heavily tied into Afghanistan and Iraq, there is no threat to the horrors they inflict upon English people. England’s wealthy elite are showing a strong support of Cameron’s action, at a shocking 76% approval rating.

    This new war of the classes was precipated two months ago, when Cameron warned poor families he would not tolerate their welfare-sniffing, social-pleading actions in ‘his country’ for too much longer. In a candid interview with the Daily Mail, a flinting Cameron bellowed and hissed when social welfare and justice advocate Sam Meyers suggested England increase taxation upon the wealthy to subsidize the needs of the poor. In a furious rage, Cameron vowed to change the landscape of England, for the better. It would all start with chaos and unrest for the socially lazy, said the aspiring monarch.

    As London continues to burn under the iron rule of fascist corruption, will President Obama take heart and protect the people of London as he did his brothers in Egypt and Libya? Will Obama show the same courage of George Bush Sr. when he demanded we protect the innocent people of Kuwait, not for American gain but only for the good of humanity. Even Bill Clinton, when he protected Kosovo from Milosevic with a powerful display of holy bombs, did the right thing. It is time once again for America to interfere with this class politics with our complete knowledge of the wrongs of this situation and how to fix it.

    Let us not worry about the cost. Just as we let the Iraqi people freely give our companies their oil in compensation for us freeing them, we can let the English people pay taxes to our government until they pay back what is owed. We will let them take their time and pay yearly. It is the right thing to do and with our nation’s Christian duty to God and humanity, it is our time to serve England by sacrificing our time, our troops and our power to bring them into the light of self-rule and American Constitutional rights of a Republicanism under a Constitutional, capitalistic Democracy.

    Let us invade England, for morality and decency. The people will welcome us with open arms and join us in the eternal echelons of American freedom, which every person on Earth deserves.

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