• Atheist EDM Ravers Feed Dog LSD, Cause it to Dance to Satan’s Music

    August 20, 2011 10:20 am 32 comments
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    As I awoke today I had it in my mind to expose the biggest dangers on Earth to warn you all about. As I searched Lycos for things that God does not like, this video nearly gave me a heart attack.

    As you know, ravers are genearlly miserable people. They dress in depressing blacks and wear all the eye makeup, no matter if they a girl or boy. What’s worse is that if your child is wearing eye-makeup and wearing all their Hot Topic spikes and listening to this demonic music, you can guess they are using drugs and prostitutes. There is a 74% chance.

    What’s sad is that these ravers have possessed a dog with LSD and Satan. While it is one thing if they destroy their own bodies, doing this to an animal and causing it to ‘dubstep’ to Satan’s LSD inspred heartbeat is sad. HEre is video proof of how these little maschists treat animals.

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