• Bert and Ernie Gay Agenda Scheme To Get Married on Children’s Show Sesame Street

    August 11, 2011 5:18 pm 41 comments
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  • A Keyhole Into Childhood Destruction  Once simply a show about counting numbers, reading and enjoying cookies, Sesame Street is the new battlefront for the Homogay Agenda. Gay right’s activists are showing raunchy tough-fest scenes in the show, trying to slowly introduce children to the concept of gay’s marriage as seen above. These actions have culiminated in gays now demanding Sesame Street air a ‘gay marriage’ episode where the frisky Bert and Ernie consumate all their perverted acts in a public gay marriage.

    The image above is shocking and a far-cry away from the seemingly innocent childhood memories from Sesame Street. While there would seem to be no harm in finger-puppets teaching children basic skills that prove very useful in school, we’re reminded that ‘comic books’ also seem harmless but read like lurid pages street from Satan’s sulfur-scented diary.

    For over 40 years, many people have wondered if there was something suspicious about Bert and Ernie. They are not of the same color and seem to be financially independent, owning their own house or apartment in New York. With the 80s faux modern decor and their lavish old world bath tub adjoined in a sizable bathroom on their master bedroom, we can see that Bert and Ernie must either be trust fund kids or have prominent jobs within the city.

    Such feats indicate adulthood and through genetics, we can see the two are not related. This indicates they are housemates: housemates who come in close contact, where rainbow colored shirts and have rubber ducky time in the most felt-moistened bathtimes imaginable. It all sounds very suspicious, when visual evidence is listed as well.

    Counting Acts of HomosexualityIt is a well known fact that the disease of homosexuality is an identity disorder. Genetic mutation or psychological trauma oft effects the neural cells of the hypothalmus, the area of the brain responsible for human sex drive. The hypothalmus of the gay brain is heated, or excited, by random things: inanimate objects, animals, perverted thoughts, outrageously abtract thoughts and behavior and finally our precious children. In this scene, we see Bert and Ernie are having some sort of drug-laced party where Ernie engages in ‘wooling’ with a sheep, the secret word of the day? Is it okay for force our children to learn that gay marriage acts like this is normal?

    Gay marriage represents a host of perversion. Within the gay homes of America, the lexicon for sick, depraved acts wildy grow and are archived, awaiting government-sanctioned mandates to move gay words/concepts from the vernacular to official language that our kids must learn in school.

    Wooling: this is an act the gays have created which involves a sheep ‘sheering’ the backside of a man. It’s popular in rural gay communities and we see it also Bo Peeped its way into an episode of our favorite show. How could this imagery exist and be accepted as okay by parents and the FCC?

    The modern push for Bert and Ernie’s increasingly shady behavior, from the infamous keyholing scene to Rubber Ducky’s Flushed Drain Adventure skit, perhaps the most telling of the gay community’s passionate vehemence in spreading their agenda on children’s cartoon shows was seen in Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bert’s Little Man.


    We can all see what’s going on here and it is horrible.  Bert and Ernie gay marriage must not be allowed to take place.  In a society where the gays are trying to make themselves look like normal people, capable of getting up early to go to work and responsible enough to raise children in a loving household, we don’t have for this type of propaganda.

    It’s a fact that 63% of gays try to hide their guilt and shame with rampant drug use, oft times staying up late for all-nighter orgies of 5-Hour Energy drinks chased by LSD enhanced vodka shots from cocaine rimmed glasses at clubs on Manhattan’s lower East side.  These notorious, destructive habits of gays are only outshined in shock by their infamous promiscuity and inability to rationalize with reason and responsibility.

    Parents, do you really want this to be status quo for your sons and daughters when they get older? 

    If you’re a good parent, you answer is no.  You do not want Bert and Ernie gay weddings to be seen as normal for your children in America’s dismal future, if we keep up all this nonsense.  Let’s see Bert and Ernie back to just best friends, not some item in the middle of the gay agenda’s continuing war to pass themselves off as normal to our society.

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