• Beyonce has Sinfant out of wedlock, flaunts it on stage at VMAs

    August 31, 2011 1:12 am 37 comments
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  • Beyonce’ is a long-legged slave skinned “performer” who has plagued our air wave for years. From her disgusting song “Boobylicious” to her laughable “Girls run the world” she has proven herself to be nothing but a video hussy who contorts with ganged rappers and jewish yung money Hollywood producers like Los Angeles Reid. Like all other hip hoopp deviants she is sex crazed and will do anything to show the world how much she loves to play tug a rug and strum a bum. She often does these on stage with a whole crew of backup whorelots. NOW she has really sealed the deal at this years music TV video music awards with a shocking announcement.

    After a horrible performance because beyonce cant sing or dress herself well she ended it with a surprise belly rub for the whole world to see. You can see the devious look in her eyes. She is so proud of her devil accomplishment of having her baby OUT OF WEDLOCK. She isn’t even married! The father is reported to be either teen pimp Justin Bieber or woman beater Chris Breezy Brown. Either way her baby will look like a mixed race cocoa butter version of danny devito. Congrats whorelot!

    You can see her flaunt her babybump here at a youtube:

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