• Black Man Causes America to Have Bad Credit Rating

    August 6, 2011 11:57 pm 11 comments
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  • President Spendhappy has officially destroyed the US economy.

    In a shocking move, S & P downgraded the United States’ perfect credit rating from AAA to only AA+.  Not since President George Washington kicked the last redcoat out of this Godly nation by his Euroass has America faced such shame.  We are now a debtor, welfare nation.  And it is sad to say, there is only one difference between the president who made us poor and all the other presidents who ran a tighter ship:  Obama’s laden with the pigment melanin.

    I’d love to see the research, because I bet there is a corralation between melanin soaking and desire to waste money on uneccessary things.  How many times have you been in the store and see a melanin mom with a cart full of groceries:  lobsters, steaks, expensive breads and smokes.  You will see her talking on her blue tooth headset, as if she has some stocks she must monitor.  She will have on new clothes and have hear hair shlacked with crusted waves or braidsets, and long Asian-manicured nails. 

    Her kids are no better with their new Michael Jordan shoes and hand-held games.  After all this show of wealth, she will pull out an Obamacare food card and buy her groceries on our dollar.  I have to shop on a budget and you may have to as well.  When I am sick, I cannot just whip out my Obamacare card and run to the hospital at 3am.  The Copay for my Blue Cross insurance is $150 and the additional fees make it not worth it.

    But my friend was in a traffic accident a few weeks ago and while waiting for her treatment, I noticed one thing:  the ER, at least at 2am where I live, is full of melanin inclined people who look pretty careless.  I’m sure all their visits are nicely covered by Obamacare.

    We are in debt because we are a nation of wasters.  Obama is spending trillions on nonsense we can do without.  There are plenty of people who don’t work and are living off the fat of the lamb, the sweat and time of the working.  The US cannot continue to sustain prominence if we develop a welfare society.  It will cripple our ability to spend because too many people are leeching of our system.

    If we remove the leeches, our lifeblood, our weath, will return and hopefully restore our pristine credit rating.  If not, I’m afraid we’re going to have to start ransacking other nations and businesses without loyalty until we get what we want.  And trust, with all of our weapons, the only way the Sun will set on our empire is if we fry the entire Earth in nuclear oblivion.

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