• Black Veil Brides: Our Saviours Are NOT Satanic

    August 28, 2011 2:35 pm 73 comments
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    Okay, so I recently read both articles about Black Veil Brides on here and it’s time to retaliate.Yes I’m a proud follower of Black Veil Brides, always have been always will be, a lot of people judge this band before actually taking the time out to listen to the band or their message. Black Veil Brides is a Catholic term meaning; when a nun Marries into the church she gives up the cardinal pleasures of life to be with God, it’s almost the same with Rock ‘N’ Roll they give up everything to produce music their fans will love. The lyrics this band writes saves thousands of lives daily their lyrics teach us to be who we are and be proud of that fact!

    “This is YOUR life it’s time to rejoice” – Ritual they’re saying this is our own life no one else’s we shouldn’t let others dictate to us what we can and cannot be!

    Also, alot of people confuse Black Veil Brides As Girls…. one thing i must say if they are girls where are the boobs?? clearly in photos you can see they have NO BOOBS or womanly parts, you can tell they are men, just by the shaping of their face or the adam’s apple in their throats. What do you have against us and the band?? What have we ever done to you so called ‘christians’ it gives you no right to hit out on us we AREN’T Emosexuals who belong to cults and worship satan. We’re human beings just like you, we’re not going to hell just because we like a certain band or dress a certain way where’s the sin in that?? we’re proud to have flawed wings and be different from the perception of normal. At the end of the day We stand tall. We broke the chains people who couln’t accept or hate us had on us why?? because of Andy Biersack,Ashley Purdy,Jake Pitts,CC and Jinxx have taught us that, they picked us up when you broke us,when you made us feel unwanted, when you made us feel hated. They told us that no matter what happens there will always be Five people who love us even when everyone else has turnt their back on us

    Finally I must say, you can call us satanic,evil,emo etc you may say we will go to hell for listening to them, but to be honest I’d rather Be in the deepest pits of hell than the highest point in heaven for listening to them. They’ve made the BVB army proud to be who we really are instead of changing for other people and if you’re going to hate against that, even if you are christian and God says that you should accept everyone, then so be it at the end of the day we’re happy the way we are.
    I’m not alone with this article I know that out there the BVB army will back me on this article and agree with this. You can say all you want about us but at the end of the day we are the rebellion. you can’t extinguish the roaring flames of passion we hold in our hearts. We always strive for the brass ring and grip it with both hands. We want to be the best we can be. No one Can Change That.

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