• Boy Comes Back To Life After Being Dead for 20 Minutes

    August 14, 2011 5:49 pm 6 comments
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    As if I need to prove the power of God, here today we see God flex his power by restoring a boy back to life after he was drowned for 20 minutes! With just a snap of his fingers, God made this boy’s lungs breathe the holy air of life and good.

    Scientists still cannot figure out how to properly clone a man, yet just like Jesus did Lazarus in the tomb, this boy was instructed to wake up and it was so! Had this been just some weak doctors and scientists, they would have helped and been helpless. But God restored life to this boy.

    For all you atheists out there, this is yet more proof of how Christianity is science beyond what you can understand. The science of faith is an empirical practice you cannot muster, unless you have Christ written in your heart. Behold the power of faith. This is more proof of why America must remain a Christian nation, just like we were founded to be.

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