• Brilliant Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Begs Government for $6.6 Million to Destroy Gay Marriage, Rebukes $31.5 Million in Federal Funding for Healthcare

    August 17, 2011 6:58 am 24 comments
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  • Topeka, KS – In an ultimate show of defiance to Czar Obama and defense of marriage for normal people, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback stubbornly rejected a free federal check for $31.5 million dollars, a check meant to assist Kansas with implementing better health care infrasture.

    Brownback alluded to one simple fact:  if you do not work, you should just die.  Children of poor families have no right to healthcare nor do their parents, even if they aren’t illegal Mexicans.  In these tough economic times, we don’t have time for wasting federal money on the American people who refuse to work.

    Kansas has been long renown as a technological powerhouse, a state of innovation that nearly attracted corporate giant Google.com to set up headquaters right in their capital of Topeka.  Obama’s black drug scheme to fuel the state’s economy with addictive federal money, making them one of the first sterling center’s of healthcare reform was easily recognized by Brownback.  Even though the people of Kansas all technically paid for that $31.5 million, it can assuredly be used for better purposes somewhere else like one nice bomb to drop on Iraq or perhaps California, who will happily slurp up $31.5 million in phallating liberal stupidity.

    Governor Sam Brownback Speaks to the Greatest Political Advisor America is a Christian nation who trusts in God, as stated in our Declaration of Independence and even more importantly, our money. In this moment, Sam Brownback wisely consults with our nation’s God to inspire his August 15th speech to end gay marriage and assure the sloven lazy are doomed to suffer, as mandated by our nation’s Bible.

    Ignorant critics of Governor Brownback are trying to state he is anti-American due to his ‘extreme’ rejection of much needed federal money.  These critics are welfare proponents and are responsible for supporting a Big Government that’s destroying America.  Also, these people are liars.  Brownback does believe in using federal money for important things, as revealed by his recent demands to Obama to give Kansas $6.6 million to ensure gays will never win diseased marriage rights.

    Gays have no constitutional right to be married, because the Bible makes it clear numerous times that God’s belly anguishes in wretching and disgust with the sight of two homos back pandering each other, each power lusting for a powder puffed sin docking moment in the black expanses of their secret, musty bedrooms Gays would love to plaster wedding invites all over their Facebook and Twitter, uploading pictures of their honeymoon of Hedonism Island orgies all over the internet and having us all say, “Aww, that’s normal.  Look at the scared goat!”

    But here in the land of reality, we know gay marriage will lead America straight to hell.  For every one state that allows gay marriage, America’s credit rating falls by 6.3%.  Children become 12.5% more likely to be tricked into a gay household for a ‘warm apple pie’ then leave indoctrinated and spreading their bumcheeks by age 18, because gay marriage is the staging grounds for gay adoption.  The gays are trying to teach children its normal to lust for the same gender, when we’ve been warned time and again that such teachings will lead to you being seared in Chef Satan’s eternal gumbo soup of spicy despair and torturous marinations.

    Liberals have no basis in reality.  Their lies and deceit of America’s Christian duties and moral obligations grow worriesome.  As men like Governor Brownback are fighting tooth and nail to keep America chaste, wealthy, and moral, liberals are trying to turn us into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, a mucky, festering pit of spent homosexuality, the entrails of Lady Liberty and capitalism all splayed out and ravaged by the wide-eyed, pot-bellied non-working masses whose sensibilities are no more than a pack of savage beasts.  That is to say, gays and the poor need to get with the standard for our country, or get out.

    A Gay, Obamacare Future for America?Powerful, rippling thighs coursing with the passions of raw sexual conquests, the students on campuses nationwide will learn to entice in Being Gay 101, a required course in an America that universally demands gay being a constitutional right. When naturally spilling with the fluidic diseases of homosexuality, these students simply whip out their Obamacare card to receive treatment at the nearest ED, then head ‘back to class’. This is not the American future your grandfather envisioned, and neither should you.

    Pandering to these people will hurt our economy and that’s why we must strongly encourage Governor Brownback to bring his legislation and morality to the national level.

    America needs a federal government with the cajones, no,  in Brownback’s America we say balls, the balls to look into the diseased, coughing faces of children with poor parents and tell them “Tough luck.  Go apply for charity”.

    Because this is the real world and in the real world, if you are not fit then you will suffer and die a diseased communist’s death.  Simple as that.

    And before you liberals try to say that is evolutionary speaking, shut your mouths because evolution is but a misconstrued interpretation of the Bible and science.

    Brownback’s America has a nice ring to it because it is what we need.  It rolls off the tongue because God is beckoning to your heart to call out for a real leader, a non-Muslim with an appetite for pork, steak and good old fashioned Americana.  Sam Brownback for America.  This telling moment of defiance for Sam Brownback will be the revolutionary spark for America’s Christian right.

    We must not be ashamed in telling the poor no and even more importantly, constantly reminding the gays they have no rights.  The Bible expressly forbids gays, therefore, America must always have a Defense of Marriage Act and Children Adopted by Only Normal People act.

    The alternative is taking all the news headlines of today, and seeing them 100 times worse.  Chinese firebombing our cities and slowly taking states away:  Washington, Oregon, California.  The men and pure children all dead and goosestepped, the women facing fate unfathomable unknown from spitting yellow dragons stiffened with the most perverse of sin.  Our Ask and Tell military, instead of standing strong and brave, cowering and craving a bondage session of tears, sweat and anguish.  And the people, all healthy because they sleep all day and have their ailments treated by night.

    That is not the future I envision for America and neither should you.  Let’s stand by Governor Brownback and support Kansas in their bid to be the first state that expressly forbades gays and poor who need healthcare.  Humanity’s safety and future depends on it.


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