• Burning Man: A Communist Hippie Sodomy fest or “Rites of Passage”

    August 29, 2011 11:29 am 198 comments
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  • Burning Man: A Communist Hippie Sodomy fest or “Rites of Passage”
    -By Chuck D. Finley

    Black Rock City, Nevada – Somewhere in the isolated desert of Nevada, two men are having unprotected uncontrollable gay sex. While this may not be surprising to some what you do not know is that they are have this sinful carnal knowledge of each others anuses, in the middle of the street. Some walk by oblivious or even uncaring of what is happening. Some watch as it happens, others take photos and video on cell phones and digital cameras to share with their friends on the twitters and facebook. This may sound shocking to you but it isn’t to the freaks and perverts that call this town home for one week out of the year. At this sinful fest of carnal sin delights there are no bounds, no social norms. These are the every day events that occur in this town, can you imagine what happens in the tents and close doors of this town? All while a giant wooden statue of Satan stares down at them condoning and nodding appreciation for their evil sinful deeds.

    This is Burning Man.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing

    This is the lay out of the so called town of Black Rock City, Nevada. The site of unspeakable spiritual atrocities.

    If you thought your parents were whores at Woodstock then your children are working double time at this event to out do them. Where as Woodstock happened once, Burning man happens every year. What is even worse is that it is spreading, to places near you.


    This sin fest of anal cavity delights began in the 1980’s, when it was started by two aging hippies, who went and burned a wicker statue on the beach. When the hippies grew two old it was taken over by a homosexual pagan that continued to burn statues on the pagan festival held on the winter solstice, on the beach near San Francisco. The homosexual community flocked to this and it soon became to large and controversial.

    Soon the liberal Clinton Era Bureau of Land Management allowed them to hold the festival on desert federal land during the week of Labor Day. The festival then soon spread to gain a new popularity from the exploding hippie, homosexual, and hipster movements. Last year, 51,515 people attended this so called Burning Man festival. I can only assume it is called this because of the burning sinsation males experience several days after the concert is over.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing

    This is Burning Man


    This sinfest’s culmination is burning a giant statue of “The Man”. The Man was known as society and Government in the 60’s hippie movement. Just like the Hippie era they maintaining “principals” that they adhere to. Unfortunately the Laws of God and Man are not good enough for them so they live by these tenants:

    Radical inclusion – Like any supposed hippie movement everyone is welcome, it is an inclusive event not exclusive. At least that is if you can afford the tickets that cost $210 – $360…lets do some math…average ticket cost of $285 times 50,000 participants…that comes out to…$14,250,000…that is $14 million dollars made off of the door alone. Not to mention other fees that we will get to later.

    Gifting – Instead of cash, event participants are encouraged to rely on a gift economy. Supposedly In the early days of the event, there was a barter system where burners(as they like to call theirselves) exchanged “favors” with each other. But now they are encouraged to give gifts to one another unconditionally. So instead of performing oral sex acts on some guys anus to get some sunscreen or water one is to freely give. I think they decided trading sex for goods was illegal on federal land and decided free love was they way to go.

    Decommodification – No cash transactions are permitted between attendees of the event, that is right. LEGAL TENDER is not legal here.Except of course for the event tickets,or specific vendors such as:

    Café beverages which are sold at Center Camp Café, which of course is operated by the organizers of the event.
    Ice sales benefit the local Gerlach-Empire school system.
    Tickets for the shuttle bus, Green Tortoise, to the nearest Nevada communities of Gerlach and Empire.
    A re-entry wristband, which allows a person to leave and re-enter the event and may be purchased at the gate upon exit.
    An airport use fee, payable at the airport upon first entry.
    Diesel and biodiesel sold by third-party contractors
    RV dump service and camp graywater disposal service.
    Private portable toilets and servicing, which can be arranged with the official contractor.

    Radical self-reliance – Hippies hate the government and laws, because of this, participants are expected to be responsible for their own subsistence. Since the festival outlaws commerce, Burners must bring all their own items with the exception of those that they get a kick back from which are stated in the Decommodification section, or else they have to hope someone offers them food for sodomizing them.

    Radical self-expression – Burners are encouraged to express themselves freely. The event is clothing-optional and public nudity is common and strongly encouraged.

    Communal effort – aka communism!

    Civic responsibility – Burners are expected to freely engage in promiscuous sexual relations with any and all neighbors.

    “Leave No Trace” – The BLM expects them to clean up after theirselves and protect the nations land. But like most hippies they claim to protect their precious pagan mother earth but they are not. It is estimated that in 2006 their “carbon footprint” was 27,000 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The Sierra Club has criticized Burning Man for the “hundreds of thousands” of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, as well as reprehensible displays of flames and explosions. Speaking of which, 2007’s supposed “Green Man” Crude Awakening theme included a 99-foot oil derrick that consumed 900 gallons of jet fuel and 2,000 gallons of liquid propane to blast a mushroom cloud 300 feet high into the sky. That is true environmentalism…and true hypocrisy.

    Participation – Burning Man is about group sex participation.

    Immediacy – Burners are encouraged to become part of the event, to experience who and what is around them and to explore their inner selves and their relation to the event and other participants (i.e group sex orgies)

    Did I mention that they are communists? Just like regular communists, whatever is your’s is theirs. Including your pictures. Any and all pictures that are taken at the event, legally belong to them. You agree to that by purchasing a ticket and then using it to get in. Did I mention everything that they charge for? Even use of the airport? Oh not to mention that $14 million dollars.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    Can one look at this image and not be horrified?

    Demonic God Haters

    The giant statue that they burn is known as the man. But any being that over looks their evil doings that occur here every year must have a name. And it goes by many names, Satan, Mephistopheles, etc but you can call him the Devil. Their pyrotechnics of fire and explosions (including the sexual ones) are a precursor to hell, which is where any soul that attends this event will eventually be found.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing

    Doubt their anti-religion Atheist sentiment? Every year they build a different temple, or holy place sacred to a different religion every year. At the end they burn it. That’s right. Every year they pick a religion, build a building to commemorate that religion, and then they insult that religion by burning it to the ground. But before they burn it down they have endlessly wild sex orgies every night in the building. With the fire, the scent of their dried burning sin juices waft up to insult the holy nose of God.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    Rainbows aren’t the only thing he swallows.


    Let’s face it, With any event that has a no clothing policy there is going to be sex. And lots of it. Nude bodies lead to fornication, it is an inescapable fact. But when the event is organized by gays it is going to be an inescapable sodomization fest lead by roving gangs of naked homogays chasing down unsuspecting frat boys, nerds, and lonely 40 year old singles, that came for the promise of beautiful taught naked bodies of buxom young women.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    Soon enough it wont be a woman standing behind him.

    But as many of the straight men that go to this sodomy fest soon realize, the promise of large pendulous breast swinging bare in the afternoon sun is soon replaced by the fact of erect homogay sin man sausage aimed at them like homo heat seeking missiles that are locked on to the tight puckered sphincters of the men that are not abominations unto god.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing

    I am afraid young women do not fair much better. Young women are lured there with the promise of an intimate encounter with their favorite emo or raver band. But the fact is that images from the internet and the negative looks for modest clothing will soon lead to unclothed women walking around. Sure there will be looks from appreciating young me looking for a one night stand fornication fest of heterosexual Sin. But trust me as soon as your lying there motionless and quivering with the devils tickles of ecstasy that is when the clam dabbling lesbian whores will pounce. Soon tongues will be licking at your sweaty semen stained flesh and entering various orifices.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    Sure it starts innocently enough.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    But soon enough your topless and frenching some whore from Deleware.

    Homogay sex is everywhere at this festival. That is what this event is all about at heart. Spreading the homosexual agenda, and recruitment. Art is one of the hallmarks (along with sodomy) of the homosexual, and art is integral to this event. With all of the nudity, and gay driven carnal euphoria people sit naked in their camp chairs and paint each other in the throws of homo erotic coitus. These images are then posted and broadcast around the town of 50,000 to further engorge the wild sodomy sticks of gay men and to make the lesbian’s clam muscles drip with the aroma of a local fish market.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    At least these sluts didn’t make me have to edit the images.

    As is part of any hippie festival, music is at the center of this sin fest. Not only do gay hippie drum circles form around homos partnered in gay sex, but there are actual Emosexual and Raver bands that appear. One of the most exclusive raves is held by a librarian. She has a page on facebook where she urges people to her secret rave. But it is so exclusive she makes you go on a special mission just to get in:

    And the checkpoint will have something coming out of it that will distinctly remind you of what every underground party needs to “LIGHT” up the dance floor.
    If you can’t figure this out, we are sorry, you clearly are NOT ready for such a wicked party. We suggest you stay somewhere a little more tame

    What in God’s name is going to be happening in there? Everyone that returns to Burning Man knows about the debauchery that is in store for them. But to admit that it will be shocking even for people accustomed to it? She has even managed to broadcast it over radio. But the only radio network willing to play the music to the masses is the evil, vile BBC. Not surprising from a national broadcasting network that is hosted by a nation of sorcery loving perverts.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    This slut made me pull out my editing tool.

    Unfortunately while researching this article I found that learning which musical acts will be performing is almost as difficult as learning who was the last person to sodomize you at Burning man. The official Burning Man website does not even reveal who will be there! I am sorry but if I were paying to attend a music festival I would want to know who was performing. Especially with tickets at prices well over $200. The truth is that music performances are not as important as sexual performances at this hell on earth.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    Soon your soul will be burning in a place just like Burning Man.

    But after hours of research I finally found that there will be acts such as ANDY C, SUBVERT, SHPONGLE, PINKSKULL, EOTO, HALLUCINOGEN, Zebbler Encanti experience, GUNSLINGER, Geno Cochino, Decay, Morzfeen, Vibesquad, Dave sweeten, Latter Day Dub, Nate Metro, Syd Gris, Tek freaks, Destrukt, Aaron Simpson The Carrier, and Illoom. I certainly hope that you have never heard of any of those acts. As with names like Subvert, Hallucinogen, and Destrukt they are all most certainly vile acts of musical sodomy.

    Hallucinogen…how strange that a music act named that would appear at a place such as this. Drug abuse is rampant at this event. Poisonous hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD are the norm here. Marijuana and various forms of cocaine are used as well. For many hippie hipsters the favored way of doing a line of coke is off the bare penis of your fellow man. Many of these drugs are taken as anal suppositories and as enemas. It is disgusting the amount of anal play that is to be found here.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing


    Another inescapable fact is that hippies are lazy. By the time they graduate college (or more likely drop out) they have spent all of the money in their trust funds. That’s right. That million dollars that was supposed to last them for life has been blown on undependable antique VW buses, their dime bag and 8 ball a night drug habit, abortions and munchies. They refuse to get real jobs and thus many can not afford to go to Burning Man, so they bring it to them.

    There are now local Burning Man events on five continents (North America, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and Europe). Below is a map of the ones in the US and Canada. It saddens my soul that as a nation we are spreading this unclean event to other lands.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing
    Thank God for the 5 States that Just Say NO.


    Every day we hear the horror stories of young women that are raped. There is no denying that this is a horrible and disturbing act and sin that is perpetrated on unwilling women. But as I write this my heart is with the poor unknowing souls that will be sodomized at the festival.

    This annual sinfest is starting up again this week, and I pray for all of the poor men who are going expecting to listen to music and watch naked women. Certainly they are going with the intent to sin in their hearts but being sodomized by countless men and large over sized phalluses are no fitting judgment for these poor souls. Nor should we forget the young women who are going with the intent to act like sluts and fornicate with any man that they find. Certainly that is a sin but not one that they should not be punished with the vile act of lesbianism. Punishment is in the hands of God, not the hands of Burning Mans roving gay rape gangs.

    Image Too Unholy For Viewing

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