• Casey Anthony Spotted in Ohio

    August 4, 2011 8:34 am 16 comments
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  • Ohio fan: Casey Anthony, seen here sporting an Ohio State jersey, was photographed over the weekend in the Buckeye State, where she has family

    In shocking display of brash Faceb00k-camera shot antics, Casey Anthony duckfaces it and shows pride for her new hide-out state.

    Tot Mom, otherwise known as Casey Anthony, blew her cover yesterday when she went to shop for every large melons.

    Celebrity site TMZ.com was the first to trek her to the ends of the Earth in Ohio, which is popular for corn and the Buckeyes who ocassionally make MTV News.  Other than that, it is fly over country.

    Why would Casey relocate to Ohio?  It is known that Ohio State University has 60,ooo students, many of them in fraternities and Midwest Wild, meaning, out of boredom they like to do childish pranks or stare at  women buying very large melons.  We also know Hustler has made Anthony a $500,000 deal and a Mr. Larry Flyntt has been somehow masticating his chops and ordering his Smither servant to open the checking book.  Why oh why would such things all culminate?

    Fraternity guys, Hustler and bored farmboys in the Midwest itching to spend their corn money.  Where does Casey Anthony fit into that equation, fellow economists?



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