• China’s Red Dragon Agenda: Chicken Budsacks and Adderall Drug Droplets

    August 23, 2011 10:23 pm 20 comments
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    China… overpopulated, overfornicated, AND overlooked! Christwire is one of the few to point out the ‘sleeping yellow dragon’ that poses a global threat to global Christian counties across the globe. However the dragon nation is not so sleepy as their eyes want you to think! Many americans go to the Happy Ping Pong Dragon Buffet to eat buckets and buckets of General Wang Bang’s scrumptious orange chickens. But wait. Do you stop and read the nutrition facts of this starchy ninja meal?? No. There are none. The General’s red dragon singed off these nutritional facts to keep you from knowing the truth. What is going on is far scarier than any china ying yang or satanic Buddha spell. These orange chickens are laced with danger drugs to keep you addicted and wanting more! On the street they are referred to as the ‘chicken budsacks’ by the emosexual american teenagers who purchase them to pop a brain spell (brain spells don’t grow back). The budsacks have so many drugs that make the kids have highs and deep deep lows that in turn make them even more emosexual… it’s a sin cycle. This is how the chimese introduced Adderall to our college campuses. Aderall is a drug that comes in droplet form that one must snort up the nose’al cavities. Snorting 67 adderall droplets before your cultural anthropology exam is considered ‘cool beans’ to college kids. It is NOT cool because Adderall’s name can be broken down into its actual long term danger effect. Add – her – all … which means ADD ALL of HER PARTS! Yes, it is slowly turning you transexually into a sheman hegirl with your own drag show and lady ga(y)ga(y) fetish. Do you want to listen to her homohop music?? NO. avoid the dragon cults of china and their starchy rice and chicken MSGs. Say no to droplet snorts and chicken budsacks!!

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