• China Attacks Vatican With Weather Machine

    August 21, 2011 5:12 pm 16 comments
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  • China Weather Attacks The Vatican:
    *Chinese Hatred for Morality Spills Over into Bloodshed in Vatican

    *Pope Ratzinger Forced to Counter Chinese Weather Technology with Holy Tabernacle Relic

    *Dozens Of Priests Defrocked, Countless Dissheveled and One Sodomized by Randomly Flying Debris

    *Secret Talks From UN Delegates To Call Off China’s Attack

    In an unprecedented display of bold anti-Christian behavior, China has attacked the Vatican. For years countless stories of how China has persecuted American Christians with horrid death devices and secret sodomy has been loudly reported by many of our respected leaders, but just like the Moors of ancient times, we can now see the Chinese military is making their oppression of moral people no secret.

    The grievous attacks upon the Vatican started yesterday after Pope Benedict XVI refused Chairman Hu Jintao’s demands that the Catholic Church funnel a portion of its money not only into Beijing’s ‘religion fund’ but also straight into the coffers of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinajad.  Defiantly and with the same vigor Pope John Paul II defied communist Soviet Russia, Pope Benedict told Jintao “No!” and stated the Vatican would never work to aide terror or communism.

    Now we see what happens if you refuse China:  death from above.  In a nasty manner, Jintao today told his military advisors the ‘Western world trembles” as he has unleashed “Unprecedented acts of Dawkins”, an atheist’s joke for unleashing a scientific ‘act of God’ in China’s weather machines.  These weather machines are the same that accounted for 70% of the unreasonable hot weather suffered by the US during the summer of 2009 and more recently, 2011.

    China chose to unleash hell at World Youth Day 2011.  On this day, the Pope annually compels youth to be good stewards of the faith and to help humanity, as is the habit of all Christian nations.  In a great act of evil, China sought to destroy this message with their unholy weather antics.

    Lightning over the World Youth Day crowd

    Vatican, World Youth Day 2011An unnatural lightning bolt tears through the sky in ripping Asiatic fury, as Chinese military scientists unleash their weather machines upon the Catholic church.  Note the two ‘nodes’ of despair, the tell-tell sign that the lightning is fake and not of God.  The crowd simply prayed to Saint Medard to counter this nasty atheist-induced weather.

    In the end, the power of prayer and God caused the Chinese weather machines to fizzle out.  From the unnatural cold fronts that appeared from The Vatican and deep into Spain, several prayers to Saint Medora and recantations of weather hymns by neighboring protestants caused the ‘weather machines to explode and fall from the sky’.

    Several locals claim an image of an angel, perhaps Archangel Michael, were visible in the sky as the communist storm clouds were disapperaed by the power of prayer.

    All this goes to show that we must always be prepared to unleash nuclear winter on China, a cold front that will lead all of our adversaries to the heated gates of hell.


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