• China Behind Fall & Resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

    August 25, 2011 7:26 pm 49 comments
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    By now, most of you have heard that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. (APPL on NASDAQ), home of the iconic iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac products, abruptly resigned August 24, 2011, citing mounting health issues from the pancreatic cancer he has been battling for years. But is that all there is to this story? No, not nearly. The truth has been in our faces for many years now.The horrible truth is that the ever eternal menace known as Red China orchestrated all of this to the detriment of our beloved United States of America.

    Just a quikc aside here as I’m sure many of you have noticed that I’m Asian. That doesnt mean that I have any love for the Chinese, quite the contrary. I’m Vietnamese and if you know your history, you’ll know that China and Vietnam have had issues for centuries with China basically wanting to gobble up Vietnam. Just like anyone else, Vietnam might let them stay a while, but ultimately they are kicked out. Ask the French, for one.

    Now, are we going to China take over the U.S.? Like a child cheating while reading a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, China is determined to cheat as well. They realized their mistake of choosing Comunism after in the aftermath of WWII and are now turning back pages to choose the obviously better path of capitalism. Have you not noticed that the biggest Communist nation in the universe is now actually the biggest capitalist? Who do we owe a massive part of our national debt? That’s right: CHINA.

    China in recent years has been ruthless in it’s ancient goal of world domination. Not one Chinese person cares weather there killing our pets with “food” laced with industrial chemical toxins as long as they can make a dollar. And I do mean dollar, as in U.S. dollars. Even better, poison our own children with poisons in their toys. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    After all, they don’t understand the value of life because there’s nearly 2 billion of them in the first place. Need I mention all the state-condoned abortion that happens there? I’m sure they would even eat their own to get ahead. Dog eat dog world? Forget that. For the Chinese, its “I’m eating everything.” Just a glance in a Chinatown market will tell you I speak the truth. Everything from pickled bear testicles to human fetus livers encased in tofu.

    They also have a history of counterfeiting and stealing Western products, everything from designer purses and watches to the very drugs our elderly depend on to survive. And now they are also designing recreational drugs to get our children high, complacent, and stupid, but that’s another topic for another day. Still, it’s true. Fake marijuana designed in dirty Chinese laboratories as well as sextasy-like drugs created solely to make dollars while skirting our drug laws. Again, look it up. It’s all true.

    Do you know that our brightest youth are now focusing on learning Chinese? Yes. A friend of mine has given up and as she puts it, she needs to learn the language of her future masters. At least then, she might be permitted to survive when they take over, perhaps serving in a harem or cleaning their bathrooms like a common Mexican illegal does here.

    But but but, some of you say, who cares if they are in charge if they make good affordable products and deliver it with good service? Surely all of what they make can’t be terribe. This is true, I agree…

    But you can forget about any customer service. We are used to waiters being courteous and willing to make us happy, but who hasn’t eaten in a Chinese restaurant (stick with the fried rice, btw…who knows what kind of meat your actually eating if you order it) and been treated coldly if not rudely?

    It’s not a cultural thing; they despise you and just want your money. She said she went shoe shopping in China while she was studying their abroad, and was literally chased out of the store after the old lady shopkeeper glanced at her feet. Now, my friend is American and has normal sized feet. But that store had nothing big enough, and the shopkeeper assumed she was there to steal, chased her out while yelling in heavily accented English “TOO BIG!! YOU GET OUT!!” Now, is that what you want? I didn’t think so.

    The reader probably is wondering right now why I say this is a story about Apple and Steve Jobs. Well, you needed some background first. Issues in todya’s world are complex. Nearly everything is not as it meets the eye at first. Indeed, this is why ChristWire is vital in deciphering all this, and I encourage you to read the many other articles on this site.

    Apple Logos

    Let’s look at Apple, Inc. Look at the transformation of its logo in the graphic I’ve linked. You will see that this is a company whose existence, from the start, was to destroy America. The first logo, one might think, is Isacc Newton sitting underneath an apple tree. We’re familiar with this wonderful story. But it IS NOT. It’s the tree from the Garden of Eden, and that is Adam who is about to commit the sin of eating it. The logos Apple has used since then to this very day even have a bite taken out of them. Kind of obvious now that I point it out, yes?

    Later, the logo is changed to a rainbow colored Apple, an obvious appeal to homogays and hippies, the latter of which Steve Jobs was in the 1970s. Find some photos of him back then and you’ll see a much less groomed and hairier hippie Steve Jobs. In this twisted world of ours, delightful things like rainbows are used to attract children and groom them to be queersexed, thereby rejecting Jesus. Their slogan then was “Think Different.” What do you think that meant? Obviously, different meaning queer, be homogay. This is the first step in making America into China, embracing atheism.

    After America had been tricked into thinking that homogay was “cool,” Apple dropped the rainbow logo in favor of an industrial, plain metal Apple. This is what China is like after all. Cold, Godless, and industrial. Money above all else.

    As I have touched upon, the Chinese are masters of stealing and copying anything. I am rushed to get this urgent story out, but you can find this yourself: China has started cloning Apple Stores themselves. This is to prepare for the eventual takeover of America and be the dispenser of the latest drug: iProducts. How many of us are addicted to our iPhones and iPads?

    So to come full circle, it should now be obvious that the Chinese took stock of the situation and their poor choice of Communism decades ago, and chose Apple Computer to be its sinful sceptre to take over America, and thereby the world. They recognized Steve Jobs as being a great mind, even somehow infusing in him Chinese ideals like minimalism and Zen philosophy along the way. So so obvious now that your eyes have been opened, I’m sure.

    Now, ask yourself where the epitome of our technology, the iPhone and iPad, are actually manufactured. That’s right: CHINA. They will, no, they have already stolen our technology and there is nothing we can do about that anymore. They have been slowly poisoning him with there toxic lab chemicals for years, and have timed his death for when they no longer need him.

    It’s time to cancel our debt with China, and take up arms. That is, unless you want to learn Chinese and become a sex slave. Otherwise, you’ll literally end up in a meat grinder for their children’s meals.

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