• China Unleashes First Aircraft Carrier Xinhua, Vows to “Bomb America with Dragon’s Fire”

    August 10, 2011 4:59 am 59 comments
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  • I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist. You should feel the same way too.

    These classic words from our gentle and beautiful policy analyst Amber Cooper are more true today than ever before.

    As if we do not already have enough reasons to nuke China into oblivion, right in the heart of Beijing to be precise, the Chinese monsters have given us even more reason to hide under our sheets and fear their sneak attacks by night.

    Alas, the Chinese unveiled their Xinhua aircraft carrier. Xinhua is the Chinese word for “Death Dragon To Murder Americans Eternal”. Yes, the Chinese hate America so much that they have a word for that.

    China’s New Xinhua deathship is lurking toward the California coast, potentially looking to spearhead the death maul US invasion the Chinese wet dreamed about over 70s years ago.

    What makes this news even more terrifying for you is that China obtained the schematics of this ship from the Soviets. The Soviet Empire planned to have a 50 ship fleet of what they called Varyag ships. Varyag is the Soviet word for Death to Reagan’s Superior Capitalism.

    With so many world governments being thrown into chaos and the Asians once again shifty-eyed just as they were on the day of infamy and any other day because their eyes are always squinting with calculated betrayal and heartless aggression, America must nuke Tokyo and probably Beijing to insure global peace.

    It took nuke to bring the last 70 years of world peace and American economic superiority and to maintain this unpredented peace, the Asians must again be put in their place. The alternative is Pearl Harbor taking place over the entire country of America, an event that would surely bring an end to humanity’s Golden Age of American Rule.

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