• Chinese Rioters Brutalize Innocent Black Catholic Students from Georgetown University

    August 19, 2011 1:14 pm 72 comments
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    China is once again persecuting human beings and this time, the dragon’s mouth has come for American flesh.

    China is an atheist country and naturally has no morals.  It is a place where females are ritually killed so as to leave more supplies for the growing male army Chairmain Hu Jintao plans to use in his ‘doomsday’ attack on America.

    In an effort of good will in the face of a Sino-American war, US President Barack Obama sent over several Catholic students from Georgetown University to share the word of God and also of basketball.

    We see China is a racist country as well, for us soon as the players took the floor the military trained Chinese basketball team erupted into a fit of violence as the crowd cheered them on!

    Wild brawl ends Georgetown’s exhibition game in China early<
    A Moment of HorrorGood, clean American basketball players from Georgetown University became martyrs this Friday after a gang of Chinese atheists karate stomped them with their natural abilities. The Chinese team is actually trained military and all aged in their 30s, making this stomping hate crime against a black athlete at a Christian school proof of what China wants to do to every good American shocking and horrifying.

    If this is how China treats these young men, just imagine the treatment they would give to our President or the Pope?  The world must be extremely terrified of Chinese people.  Brooding behind their beedly little eyes is great hate for America, the same great hate that coursed their blood on the Day of Infamy.

    China yearns to destroy America and even though they wear our Nike shoes, we can see the only victory they want is where the world is drenched in a fiery sea of dragon’s yellow, the day their offspring rip from the wombs of all of us women they fantasize about ravaging after they kill our men dead.

    This is how China treats black people.

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