• Chinese Scientists Invent Basketball Player that can Actually Dunk on a Black Man (Lebron James)

    August 17, 2011 5:40 pm 8 comments
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  • Chinese scientists genetically engineer basketball player, basketball player steals ball from black athlete Lebron James and then slams a dunk.

    Eternal cheaters by their very shifty-eyed nature, the Chinese are up to their Olympic level cheating schemes again.  Communists are notorious for using science to cheat and feeling it is justified.  We all watched and cried when Apollo Creed was murdered by a drugged up Super-Russian.

    And perhaps even more fresh in the minds of you younger readers out there, is the Chinese female gymnastics team who cheated America out of gold by using underaged gymnasts.

    China is cheap and they will do whatever it takes to win and today we see their evil scientists have tapped into Satan’s power to create a Chinese who is over 6’0” tall and can soar like a winged Kenyan.  Even more shocking, he can slam a dunk in the face of Lebron James.

    Chinese basketball players are usually very slow, but we see this one has supernatural speed and can even steal from a black.  What’s even more shocking is why is Lebron in China?

    This tape looks like government footage, is Lebron being held a prisoner so they can test out their little super soldier athletes?  Or is there a NBC scheme with Obama to give China the genes of black superstars so they can start winning all our sports!

    I wish I were in Vegas right now because I would shake the dice and bet on the latter.  This all looks funny and a Chinese has no business moving like that, let alone dunknig on an urban black.

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