• Chinese Wrestling Federation Forces Haruka Children to Fight Adults

    August 17, 2011 7:25 am 12 comments
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  • The following story is a heartbraker.

    As if we needed more reasons to holy nuke the Chinchankees, we find yet another reason today.  As I awoke to find more horrible stories to warn you about, not even a week’s worth of clonidine and ativan could have prevented my outraged anger!

    The Chinese are forcing a little girl to fight a grown man!  These are the people who would admire Danny Bonaducci and Charlie Manson having a homosexual love child together.  China represents what AMerica will become if we allow gay marriage and presidents who refuse TO NUKE COUNTRIES WHO ARE MEAN TO KIDS.

    Luckily like most Chinese, this girl was born knowing karate and can put up a good fight of her own.  It still does not prevent the Chinese soldier for daring to strike her.  I wish I were president, because I would order child protective services to go end the Chinese Wrestling Federation to help this precious child and nuke China without warning!

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