• Crude Oil Slumps Yet Crude Oil Prices Rise, Stock Market Crash Dive Following UK Betrayal

    August 5, 2011 5:04 am 52 comments
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  • Growing a villainous beard, a cunning Prince William smiles and bides his time as the UK continues economic war against America. The Royals still plan to rule ‘their colonies’ one day

    Sweet and sour crude oil prices took a tragic dive yesterday after typical UK betrayals and shennanigans.

    The UK remains eternally jealous of America, a country that is truly One Nation of God and By God. The lifeblood of America is oil and anyone who dares affect the price of oil negatively is then necessarily a branded terrorist.

    Prince William and Kate are the softer side of the British invasion. Since the War of 1812, the British Empire has dreamt of the day it would someday ravage America and retake all the riches of the land. The British dream of the day they can have their tea and crumpets off the brows and taxes of the American people.

    Today’s British Crashing of the Dow Industrial Average was a power play, one designed to weaken the US economy so we cannot afford the coming war with China. And while China will rule all land to the West, Britain will make claims upon the Eastern seaboard it has coveted for over 200 years.

    If the UK can choke up America’s oil market, causing crude oil slumps per bucket worth while raising crude oil prices at the pump, confused Americans will eventually be overwhelmed by the simple complexity of the plan.

    Such is the works of the British and like our forefathers taught us, the only way to really wrap your head around a well-crafted British plan is to ignore their academia. Just hide in Bush’s safety and ransack them when they least expect it.

    And by Bush, I mean Jeb Bush, the next president of America. We will hide our power for four years and then in Jeb’s fifth year, shock England with a holy nuke and declare all Mideastern oil as ours, because it already is!


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