• Cursed: God Crushes Stanley and Poors (S&P 500) Stock Rating by 6.66%

    August 9, 2011 6:16 am 4 comments
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  • As if America needed more proof that we are God’s favored country, God angrily smashed the stocks of S&P 500 today by 6.66%.

    This brilliant display of economic might shows how God can crush the wallets of any company, by simply a snap of his mighty fingers that causes the confidence of investors to tremble with fear.

    My friends, America is One Nation Under God. Any business that dares we can not pay our bills is a lie! It matters not that we have a black man running the show, at the heart of America is hard-working people.

    Stanley and Poor’s better pay attention to the second name in their title, for God shall not lift this amazinginly symbolic curse until they lift us back to a AAA credit rating and vow to never touch it again.

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