• Diamond Planet Found Orbiting Pulsar, By American Scientists

    August 27, 2011 1:40 am 12 comments
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    Karen Gray

    America has discovered a planet made of pure diamond.   Yesterday in scholarly journal Science, reports of a diamond planet found shocked many experts wordwide.

    The planet is already being called “Girl’s Best Friend” by many and this diamond was found right in our Milky Way galaxy, some 4,000 miles away and orbiting a pular named PSR J1719-1438.  While the planet is reportedly small by the count of NASA’s scientists, it is still five times larger than Earth.  Even more interesting is that the planet may be for denser than platinum, but made entirely of oxygen and carbon molecules.

    With the discovery of this planet, it becomes more apparent than ever that America must assert dominion of space.  How many other planets like this are out there?  Are there planets of gold or maybe of nuclear grade plutonium?  Oil?

    Such massive caches of stored wealth are destined for America and its a part of our manifest destiny to claim it for ourselves.  Just imagine the horrors Russia would reign in upon us if they planet their flag on this planet first, claiming all the diamond wealth to power their heartless military.

    No, NASA must be given great space vehicles that can travel a light speed and be equipped with weapons that ground any nation not allied with us.  This planet is the key to America’s financial future.

    Here is a video of our new planet.

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