• Do Black Veiled Brides Fans Have a Secret Muffin Fetish? (muffinfilms.com)

    August 30, 2011 8:00 pm 70 comments
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  • A disturbing look into the emohipster world of horrible mascara orgies and screechingly poor computer ‘music’ leads us once again into the dark, dank corner of a group of college students calling themselves the “BVBarmy”.

    The army represents a purported fan base for the band Black Veiled Brides, an apparent emosexual hipster band that uses dubstepping techniques in their freeware Audacity generated music. Fans of this genre seem to think that using 8 bit Nintendo sounds with a constipated Satan voice singing lyrics over the top constitute the world’s best music. This is of course untrue and it seems that somehow, this music is turning these children over to weird lifestyle fetishes.

    One odd thing noted by social Ventude-method psychologist Amber Cooper is that in addition to make-up addiction and dependence on illicit substances like marijuana droplets and magic bananas, fans of this music are more and more showing an almost Tourette’s like condition in which they must repeat the word ‘muffin’ repeatedly.   In this video they have dubstepped it to cause Black Veiled Bridesmaid’s lead singer Craig Rabbit repeatedy say muffin in unusually high octaves.  Observe.


    The hipster fans have created a video where they can see their favorite musicians constantly saying the word muffin. Their ears cannot get enough of this and they are calling this the ‘Muffin Song’, surely something they consider a chart-topping single. What’s even more terrifying is that there is a scary, strange site called muffinfilms.com that is apparently ran by a cult of ‘dark masked screamo afficianados with a poor yet fanatical taste in music’. Is the BVBArmy behind this site that’s dragging kids down the dangerous path of muffin infatuation and electronica rave events? It is tough to say.

    Please review the muffinfilms.com site only after first praying and demanding all women/children leave the room.

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