• Dubstep Video Game Gun Violence on the Rise

    August 21, 2011 5:31 pm 226 comments
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  • “Dubstepping” is a dangerous new form of dance music that has turned into an occult.  While there are many things to blame for bad behavior in adolescence (television, homosexual friendly laws, perverse product marketing), consistently we find the two most dangerous things are video games and music.

    Perhaps it is the sporadic, random nature of the teenaged mind that makes kids so impressionable and under the influence of all these Satanic video games and musical stylings.  But what happens when dangerous music and video games culminate in one big destructive item of destruction?

    The people behind Dubstep music are the same neon punk-haired ravers that tormented America during her sterling Reagan years.  While Nancy Reagan and many other first ladies have done their best to combat the drugs spread by ravers, named through a program called D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse of Ravers* Education), the effects of raves and drugs were obvious during the 1980s.  AIDS/HIV made its first apperance:  it is no coincidence that wild raves were hitting their peak during this time.

    Pregnancy rates increased and teen graduation rates decreased.  America hit an economic recession.  Does all of this seem very similar to what’s going on today?

    The reason for this is simple.  Ravers are making a return and are masking their new agenda as “Dubstep”.  Dubstep is very similar to trance music, where those who dance must first take hits of Happy-Pappy, a crude blend of Columbian drugs like coked ecstasy and LSD, and then do Satantic wiggling motions on a dance floor area with other drug-loving afficianados.  Their bodies are always sweaty, a telling sign they’ve done the drugs, and their eyes glint with squinted violence.  One of the first examples of this new ‘dubstep’ dancing was seen in the final dance sequence of dubstep culture movie Napolean Dynomite.

    So taking this crazy, evil drugged-up dance culture and mixing it with video game violence that is so prevalent is sure to make it addictive to naive college children.  Sadly, it’s already happening and a new video game called Dubstep Guns, an explosive plasma release of video game violence, drugs and neon Matrix theatrics is set to release a glimmer upon the teenage mind in late 2012.  This video game must be the most dangerous to be released in history.

    * When raving naturally went out of style during the mid 1990s, Ravers was changed to Resistance to reflect a more broad war against drugs and especially against newer drug-spreading threats from Mexico and prowling urban blacks.

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