• Emosexual Raver Hordes Unleash 12-Hour Spree of Sodomizing Destruction, Arrested for Illegal EDM Rave in Norfolk

    August 28, 2011 10:15 pm 11 comments
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  • Nick or treat: Seven Halloween revellers were arrested during violent clashes with police at a suspected illegal rave in central Norwalk
    Beersack Brigade Ransacking Norfolk with Unbridled VigorA group of sharpened tooth EDM ravers named the Beersack Brigade descend upon Norfolk, wildly thrashing about and tearing apart any non-broken object in site. Survivors of the onslaught claim the ravers were mad and powerful, eyes severely glossed over in a meth-induced trance and bodies all embroiled in a massive blood orgies.

    Ravers are a ferociously evil cult of musical fanatatics who are infatuated with blood letting ceremonies and poor music. Many parents nationwide are asking if electronic raver bands like Black Veiled Brides and Black Lights of Lucifer are digitized Satanism and the answer is naturally yes.

    If you see your teenaged child listening to these weird, screeched voice ‘singers’ and wearing copious amounts of face makeup and hair unkempt, looking like Edward Scissorhands on a bad hair day it may be prudent to call a priest and perform an exorcism. As we see in this report from Norfolk, the spirits surrounding these new EDM vampire cults are lurid and exploitive.

    Police were called to Norfolk City Hall after terrified political leaders reported ‘strange, raccoon faced’ makeup addicts tearing through the halls of the building.  The ravers easily overtook the one security checkpoint where one elderly security officer was accosted by several punk-haired raver girls, who were caught on security cameras feeding liquid quaaludes to the victim and then performing flesh-mounted throbbing gristles on his through his Depends.

    Stand off: Police kept watch on Museum Street as the rave continued through the night
    Raver Victory Officers were forced to stand watch outside Norfolk City Hall, as wild ravers tour through the peaceful office building and assaulted countless business and political leaders with wanton carnality and horrible music. Several insider reports also state several foreign dignataries suffered bruised pelvises after being accosted by taut bodied, drug-laced raver girls who fulfilled unimaginable sexual horrors upon their bodies. These ravers are without morality or reason.

    It is important to understand that electronic music damages the mind of the listener. If your child has listened to this emosexual music for a long time, they are brainwashed into thinking that blood letting is normal and that orgies will not lead to the STDs most of them have. These ravers are sick in the head and the people of Norfolk sadly learned this lesson the hard way.

    Anti-social: A raver balances over a ledge as he gestures at crowds gathered outside the Halloween rave
    Ice Smutkool is a popular party drug in the raver community. With only one exposure to this drug’s marijuana laced chloroform vapors, the user is instantly stricken with sexual urgency and unconsciousness. This leads to ‘Blind Melon Orgies’, a popular event where ravers use this melon flavored drug on the innocent and naive. When a building is tagged with Ice Smutkool, it means it is being prevalently used at the rave within and the victims will never know what hit them.

    In addition to Ice Smutkool, the classic emosexual raver drugs LSD and Satan’s Sweet Tweetie Whisper were also present. Citizens of Norfolk are reporting a 34% increase in drug-related ER visits since this attack.

    Two men show the words 'Got LSD? Why not?' written on their knuckles after attending the rave
    Two spent ravers show off their knuckles after being captured by authorities. Their knuckles clearly read “Got LSD? Why Not?”, revealing how all people who attend raves are peer pressured into trying the hallucinogenic compound.



    Unrest: Police calmed the crowds as hoards of tourists flocked to the building to witness the suspected illegal rave

    Officers went to an area of Massingham Road, between Grimston and Great Massingham, in the west of the county, at 01:00 BST.

    Up to 100 people and about 20 vehicles were in an area known locally as Old Belt.

    Sound equipment, vinyl records and a van used for the unlicensed event, were seized.

    Police blocked possible entrance and exit points and closed down the event by 06:00 BST.

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