• Examiner Persecutes Christians For Simply Demanding Public Registry of all Convicted Atheists

    August 31, 2011 9:35 am 85 comments
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  • Atheists are a horrible, despicable lot, just as dangerous as sex offenders, gays and murderers.  So why are we letting these people rummage through our street?

    Only weeks ago on the website “Friendly Atheist” by the dangerously Arab Heman Matata, we saw a huge cabal of atheists bragging and patting each other on the back, gloating about how they were vandalizing the property of Christians.  Atheists feel it is okay to do such things because they are unrepentant.  How can anyone who fails to believe in the message of Christ’s love begin to understand the concept of repentence.

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    For it is written:  For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever belevieth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life – John 3:16

    Atheists do not believe in the Son of God.  They only believe in destroying our society, turning our nation away from its Godly heritage, Constitution and Christian tradition and their atheist agenda to make America a secular wasteland.  These fools fail to believe in Christ and for that they will burn in hell.  This fact makes Satan jump and squeal with delight.

    Look at how the Examiner shows bigotry to a great pastor for doing what’s been needed for a long time:

    Florida Pastor Wants An Online Registry Of All Atheists

    That intro looks innocent enough, but then in the comment section their users show their typical liberal, sarcastic badmouthing bias.  What’s frustrating about all this is atheists are the new racists.  They have secret meetings and dress up like klansters, trying to figure out how to hurt a group of people who are being deprived their civil rights.

    Christians are persecuted in this nation.  The courts have stripped away our right to evangelize in public schools by praying for others.  Every day, the American Civil Liberties Union takes away our freedom by stripping away the very Christianity was built upon.  These atheists are snakes.  They are no better than Satan in the Garden of Eden, whispering veiled lies into Lady Liberty’s ear and looking to only pound her from behind with perversion and lust when she least expects it.

    Atheists love sodomy, Ba’al rituals and filth on tv and they don’t even realize it.  Every day Christianity is allowed to be badmouthed by these atheist bigots, our country grows more sick and more out of favor with God.  It is all these liberalo sites like Gawker and Affianna’s Huffington that flap and wawly all over, spreading their yellow journalism and piled up lies all over and confusing the people of this country.

    To anyone who is against a national registry of atheists, you are against citizen justice.  We have a right to know the perverts of this country and until we know where every atheist is living, we will never be safe.  The Bible warns that in the end of days, Christians will be persecuted by atheists who have thrown the world into Civil War and have allied with terrorists to destroy Israel.  With such knowledge, why are these betrayers being allowed to exist and roam freely without tracking?

    It only makes sense to track them down.  Anyone against this is a traitor to America.

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