• Female Panty Ravers Throw Breast Summer Ever EDM Carnival, 100s of College Male Freshmen Senselessly Drugged, Sodomized

    August 27, 2011 12:54 pm 75 comments
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  • Secret parts illuminated by the black lights of Satan, gyrating college girls lustfully shimmied and spread their fertility to the eyes of college freshmen glossed by the mists of LSD sprinking the crowd at Breast Summer Even 2011 in Venice Beach, California late Friday night. Emergency rescue workers called to the scene the next day reported startling findings: the bodies of 23 freshman orientees from USC and dozens from UCLA, Pepperdine, and Loyala Marymount were found listless, ravaged by unknown amounts of punk-haired ravers; “Magic Bananas” forcefully inserted into the intestinal tracts of more than 20 confused fraternity members, all seniors; 3 anonymous cops reverse sodomized, hiding behind the Venice boardwalk pier. The names of the victims are being withheld at time of report.

    College women are defiant vixens who throw will drinking parties and will stoop to any low to bed your son. It used to be the hardest part of a young man going to college was balancing out the rigors of academics and leadership roles in fraternal life. Now, our young men have to deal with all these cat-in-heat harlots who will stop at nothing to trick them into pressure lusting acts in bed which nine months later, will assure these gap-legged hellhouds their next child support check to get them through school.

    In early 2010, hordes of prowling college girls on campuses nationwide began vajazzaling their private regions, all in efforts to hunt down smart, fit young men. After the vajazzling scare, enrollment rates of males at liberal campuses dropped another 5%. Was your son prepared to resist this threat?

    Last year, many of you expressed great concern after learning about Vajazzling, the greatest threat to our college young men. It is no secret that sorority girls make a living on plying young men with alcohol, lowering their inhibition and forcing them to do carnal acts unknown in the secret parts of night.

    There is a trend in America where men are becoming the silent victims of female sexual aggression.  Many young men in college are carrying the trauma of being accosted by buxome female professors and rampantly vigorous, taut-bodied college girls whose sole purpose is to become impregnated by America’s finest.

    Innate to the female’s gene-set is a standard, animalistic instinct for survival.  Females will seek out the most powerful, hard-working male and do anything to become its ‘pet’.  We see this theme play out on nature shows time and time again.  But with liberal laws in place, the human female’s propensity for greed and exploitation is coming into full fruition.

    Ravers are the bad girls of society.  These abortion-toking whores hide their life of drugs and crime behind their parents back, pretending to live by a pinky-swear respect code called “PLUR”.  That acronym is as worthless as the U.N.  It stands for nothing but lies and deceit, a farce to distract everyone from what’s really going on.

    Ravers are not college-minded people.  At least with vajazzling, college boys have a change of being forced to impregnate a girl who is willing to work and wants a family.  With raver girls, the dreaded ‘punk-rock’ sodomizers of the 1980s, there is no chance of that.

    These girls are thrill seekers, wanting to wildly throw their tops off and gyrate upon the stiff sin of any innocent, untouched male they can corrupt.  These people are anarchists:  destructionists.  They get sexual glee from knowing they are corrupting the life of an innocent man with diseases, shame and drug addiction.

    These EDM raver girls are horrible harlots, surely the foremothers of the Whore of Babylon as warned about in the Bible.  Their heads twist and turn with the lyrics of dangerous emosexual bands like Deadmau5 and Burning Man Dubsteppers, musical groups whose cauldron-brewed lyrics make Ozzy Osborne look like an innocent altar boy singing Silent Night.

    Female panty ravers are renown for using blacklights and LSD laced bioluminiscent cottons to lure naive college boys into their den of must and impregnation.  This year, the snare trap they set was simple.  They threw ‘Go Braless Day’ in Venice Beach.  Our good friends at LA Weekly sent photographers to capture the action and reveal the tricks as we see in the following media evidence.

    ==> Panty Ravers Spring Daytime Trap to Capture College BoysImage 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5

    With college gender rates already lopsided, with enrollment rates of men at 34% percent and females at a dangerously high 66%, we can see these new targetted attacks by female ravers on college freshmen will destroy our nation’s future.

    After the Venice Topless Beach Day, female ravers distracted sun-exhausted and poor college male attendees with offers of free slurpees and In-n-Out, the nation’s best hamburger.

    Unable to turn down free food and drinks, these men — reportedly numbering in the high tens of thousands and easily identified by college logos and Greek letters — were directed to what was the staging grounds for Breast Summer Ever, 2011.  This decision proved fatal for many men, as the sun gave way and the wild, surly female ravers gave in to the most carnal of their boundless, pouncing sexuality.

    Falling and shocked by the sudden influx of drugs into their bloodstreams, innocent college men flair and collapse prostrate as topless female pantry ravers go to choose their victims for the night.

    Blue Pineapple Blusing Orgasm, a mix of classic pineapple slurpee syrups, iced meth and crystalline quaaludes, quickly rendering the body of male victims with Satanic rigor of appendages.

    The drug of choice for Panty Ravers is the Blue Pineapple Blushing Orgasm.  This dangerous raver drug is usually flavored with blue pineapple slurpee slush, a sweetened mixture of artificially flavored ice.  Most college students have never seen or heard of a rave, so they are ignorant to the fact that they are being plied with drugs by the nation’s most nefarious partiers and sodomizers.

    The drink’s strong flavorings are to cover up its packeted punch:  the strong meth and crystalline quaalude mixture, the solvents somewhat miscible but indescernable in this thick, icy mix.  It takes about ten minutes for the meth to make the college boys lose any sense of inhibition, as the crystal form of quaaluded cause the body’s major blood vessels to dilate in all areas but one, where Satan’s limbic controls from the meth cause constriction and permanent rigor.
    With the boys all but plied and passing out, the raver girls throw on loud music and take hits of all sorts of bizarre drugs:  magic daisy dust, Uncle Flipper’s Liquid Tweetie, magic mint, black ice and marijuana droplets.  These allow them to get into the raver mindset and then at these panty raves, they semi-nude women allow themselves to get misted by liquid LSD-ecstasy hybrids from the stage, forcing their bodies go into uncontrollable gyrations and furious rubbing that’s only relieved after hours of seeking the most ecstastic mounting and abusing of the semi-conscious male victims that staggered into their Black Widow’s death trap.

    At this year’s Breast Summer Ever Rave, sadly a new drug that’s apparently called ‘Magic Bananas’ were introduced.  These bananas were actually green in color and had the firmness of a plantain.  It’s said they are dipped in a hallucinogenic mixture of tree frog secretion and bought in the black market.  When forcibly inserted into a quaalude loosened sinhole, they grip the victim with great hallucinations and a mind of unprecedented compliance to any command.  Several fraternity members seemed to be targetted for the magic banana treatment this year and one of the victim officers reportedly suffered an attack as well.
    Parents, ravers are dangerous.  This event had horrible music playing, women exploiting boys from all orifices and no telling how many of these young men will be getting a phone call from an unknown number programmed into their phones, demanding child support months later.  Raver girls have no working future for themselves.  They are the girls who never go to college and live off the scraps of society and their orgy horde communist friends.
    A prize catch for them is your hardworking college son and they would love to make easy work of their partying future by forcing your future doctor, lawyer or business man have a ‘secret love child’ that he must support all through life.  Warn your children about female ravers, parents.  They are on the prowl and college men are their prey.
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