• First Black President Brings About National Armageddon.

    August 23, 2011 2:51 pm 32 comments
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  • President Hussein Obama is considered the first black president of this country. When he was first elected liberals hailed him as their new God. They bowed down to his socialism and communism. What has that gotten us?

    Quite possibly the end of the world.

    Just weeks ago Obama ruined our credit rating. We were taken from a AAA rating to a AA rating. In normal terms that is like going from a 780 to a 570. But what else would you expect from a black with a Islamic name? Under this man’s watch countless states have allowed gay homosexuals to marry one another. He has also besmirched our nations pride in our armed forces by allowing gays rear entry to our most elite military groups.

    God has been sending this country little hints that he is not happy with this man as the leader of his great Christian country of chosen people. But today he stopped dropping hints and laid down his fist. In fact Gods mighty punch was so great that the earth felt it, over Three and a half miles deep.

    WASHINGTON – A 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered northwest of Richmond, Va., shook much of Washington, D.C., and was felt as far north as Rhode Island and New York City. The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was 3.7 miles deep. Shaking was felt at the White House and all over the East Coast, as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated. The quake was in Mineral, Va., in Louisa County.
    -FOX News

    In fact, it is being reported that this great quake, was even felt as far south as my grand city of Atlanta. Is it any coincidence that this happened when Obama is on vacation? While 10% of the population of this great country are unemployed and scrapping to get by?

    What conclusions can we draw from this act of God? He is angry. Very angry. But we should be thankful that there was as little damage as there was. Gods Wrath often leads to quakes in the 9.0s which would have been horrendous for our countries capital. We should praise him that he is so merciful as to give us just a warning.

    But unfortunately Gods mercy lasts only so long. He has given us less than a week to reclaim our national christian heritage before he smites the east coast again. This weekend Hurricane Irene is scheduled to smash into the Atlantic coast as possibly a category 4 hurricane packing winds in excess of 175 mph! As if the winds are not enough, a mighty storm surge of possibly 20 feet or more will destroy the coasts beaches, and drown countless people.

    My fellow Americans, look at what has happened to our country! Look at what this Man, Obama has done to it, look at how angered our God is due to his foolish flirtations with the devils social-communism! We have less than a week before God once again smites us. Let us rise up my fellow christian peoples and ask, nay BEG for the vain glorious Obama to give up his ill gotten bounty of the presidency and give it to Joe Biden. Then we will cry and beg and plead for Biden to give it up and finally we will have a brave godly white yet tanned man of Mr. Boehner to lead us until the next election when we can elect a proper hued god fearing American to lead us.


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