• Freecreditscore.com Hipster Band Confusing College Minds with Dubstep Brainwashing

    August 23, 2011 9:04 pm 22 comments
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  • Dubstep hipsters are a tragic genre of raver cultists who are uniquely addicted to Yellow Cake Magic orgies.  As reported by Mike Watson’s expose on EDM cults:

    70s street drug called “Yellow Cake Magic”, a raunchy mix of crudely cut marijuana leaves, crack infused acid drops and Quaaludes, all baked into a yellow cake that will make the mind of any taster explode with a magical sexual desire.

    Looking into the face of a dubstep hipster is a chilling look into the eyes of a sot-ridden, LSD flea biting homeless drug addict. These people live sloven lifestyles and refuse to shave their face and women their delicacies, forgoing the pride and joy of a hard-earned job and paycheck for attending massive raves with their equally musty and STD-plagued friends they carpool with.

    The sick communes of these hipsters are filled with credit card applications to keep up their lifestyle. I would love to see the stats, because at least 30% of the defaulted loans terrorizing the US economy right now likely has one of these lowlife hipsters to blame. They are truly the new hippie of America and are living up to their annoying forefathers legacy of failure, grime and phallic rust-huffing.

    Like most social degenerates, people in this DH community excel at placing jumbled lyrics over poorly strummed guitar noise.  This music is the basis for hipster dubstep harmonics, a dangerous beated version of dubstep music that uses acoustics to make the socialist propaganda infamous to these people catchy and caught in the minds of innocents.

    Without knowing it , even you are being brainwashed by these perverts.  One day it will be tucking in early to get up for another day in corporate America.  The next, your pliable sinhole loosened by Quualudes and marijuana droplets, your legs wrapping and writhing around the dank body of the next moaning human possible, together rubbing up and letting out jerky movements until a climax is reached.  That is to say, you’ll find yourself waking up drunk and in a bad credit raver orgy party.

    Have you heard this commercial?


    Notice the ‘band’ is not enunciating their words and everything is shot in yellow-cast, an iconic film producer’s easter egg for Yellow Cake Magic drug hipsters. The faces are unshaved. The bodies, flabby and not tightly fit. These are all telling signs that hipsterism is present.

    Then we take a closer look at the lyrics and see it is Trotsky fellating:

    a young man with ambition and an old man at the top asked him if he had a secret and the old man stopped and thought and said (homosexuality runs rampant within the Dubstep community. Silverback daddies, or elder, stately gay men of stable finance, prefer to be ‘on top’ and the brownback specials, usually younger hipsters desperate for money, submit to Quualude injections and splay themselves for use).

    free cause its how it outta be my brother
    (free soliticiation, a common Hallmark of rhetoric by socialists like Obama).

    credit cause you need a loan for one thing or another
    (the last thing we need to give to a dubstep hipster)

    score cause they break it down to one simple number that you can use
    (hipsters can take this to mean a ‘drug score)
    dot to take a break because the name is kinda long
    com in the honor of the internet that its on put it all together at the end of this song

    it gives you free credit score dot com IM GONE!

    The rest of the song is meant to instill a feeling of lightness and to make the hipster’s associate free with credit cards. This is because without jobs and a way of paying anything back, these degenerates will just shrug their shoulder and use the next fresh bodied member of their commune to apply for credit cards and take care of their partying needs. This pitrap is causing 1000s of fresh high school graduates to grow broke and become used, drugged up EDM ravers with bad credit per year, nationwide.

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