• Gaddafi Stalked Condoleeza Rice, Gaddafi Created Secrete Book of Condoleezza Rice Pictures

    August 26, 2011 9:21 am 6 comments
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    Jerry Cohen

    In creepy news today, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is apparently a candidate for Law and Order: SVU’s Detective Stabler to punch in the face. In addition to being a psychotic dictator who enjoys rending the flesh of his political enemies with fire and hot objects, Gadaffi is also a creepy stalker.

    And when I say creepy, I’m talking about the type that sits on the dark with a bag of doritos, flickering light’s from an old school computer illuminating walls for of women who are not remotely associated with the creep creepy. Creepy.

    As rebels continue to loot Tripoli, they took time from all their partying and rebel-rousing to alter former US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, that she has a stalker named Muammar Gaddafi. Even the Libyans are finding this creepy.

    Image 1

    Here in the first image, we see Gaddafi’s very brutal dictatorish floral print mattress and on the mattress, a book containing pictures of Condoleeza Rice.  At this moment and with how creepy this all looks, I am very happy the Libyans do not possess blacklight technology.  You know good and well that with that musty mattress, the dark ambiance of a basement and such attention given to ordering the proper glossed matte of these images of Condi, that Colonel Gaddafi created the ‘fapping’ noise plenty of time.

    Image 2

    Apparently not liking the smell of spent body salts and basement musk, the Libyan rebels take Gaddafi’s Book of Creepy Stalker Secrets outside and we continue to see more pictures of Condoleeza Rice.  There is also some Chinese looking guy in one of the pictures, getting his head close to Condi and it’s safe to assume he became a top target on Gaddafi’s people to terrorize list.

    Even more troubling, Gaddafi made light of his war with the UN and involved Condoleezza Rice in a fantasy world he created using Second Life.


    You have to wonder why Gadaffi is dressed like an inversed Missy Miss Demeanor Elliot with his superfly white Glaad garbage bag suit on, and you can imagine it’s to hide any bulging sand serpent if you catch my drift.  Libya’s import of duct tape likely increased by 5 packages the week Condi was there and let’s just hope she didn’t drink the champagne in a quiet, intimate meeting for two with this guy.  Yuck.

    So in addition to being a most wanted dictatory, Gaddafi now gets to add creepy basement stalker to his list of credentials.


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