• Government begins building Negropolis for Afrosaxons to reduce welfare debt

    August 26, 2011 6:47 pm 19 comments
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    Last year (2010) the semi-annual census of Americans was taken by our government. Many Americans may wonder what is this big survey of people for?? What does the government do with all this info data? Some of it is for making a people graph for all to see and witness who is living in this great country. But what our government is most concerned with is all the races. Most government policies are shaped by race like DADT and DOTA. I read these people graphs and saw that afrosaxon population is up 12.6% out of 100% since 2000. This means that 12 Americans out of 100 Americans have now become black people. What caused this racial transformation? Nobody really knows. We just know there are many more afrosaxon communities now. That means more welfare, more hand outs, and more uppity baby mama dollars being dished out. The government knows this is a problem as it will probably double or even triple our $20 trillion USD debt. However for once our libtard commie atheist government is actually doing something about a problem! After a year of analyzing the census people graphs The NEGROPOLIS FOUNDATION has been set up by the US government to deport one-half to 2-thirds of the afrosaxon population to a giant megacity called Negropolis in the blacko homecountry of Africa. The efforts website can be found here: http://www.negropolis.org

    At this website you can find plans for re-education centers and places for black people to live and sleep. After we build this place we wont have any more welfares black people will just have to travel to negropolis and make their own darn country. The next step is to taraget Mexican people. Census graphs indicate that Mexican populación has increased even more than afrosaxons. Currently Mexican Hispanics are at %16.3. however there are many more because so many illegal Mexicans are here in our country. Plans are in very early stages to create something similar to Necropolis but a name has not yet been decided.

    People may ask does the government have the authority to deport so many people? Yes it is because we don’t want to pay for them. We have to deport them first before they grow out of control and take over government and deport all of US to Caucasia.

    If you go back to the site you can apply to donate and fund the NEGROPOLIS.

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