• HATEMAIL: A Feminist Angrily Defends Black Veil Bride and Kittens

    August 16, 2011 4:11 am 62 comments
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    Mike Watson

    My inbox is filling up with angry ravers and screamo kiddies who feel justified in defending Black Veil Brides. Why anyone would want to defend a Twilight Celebration band is beyond me, but if you have any YouTube response videos or letters you want to send in, feel more than free. Best responses to holymailbox@christwire.org will be featured on next week’s tv show.

    In the meantime, ChristWire reader Nyruma has taken to the defense of Black Veil Brides and even worse, kittens, in her campaign against our moral journalists.

    Mike Watson

    Dear Christwire,
    Do the people who post on here really research what they post on? Is this truly a Christian website? This is the most racist place I have ever seen on the internet, hating on people from many different countries, even though God tells us to love one another because Christ first loved us.

     Every post I have read on here has been misinformed, racist, untrue, or extremist and horribly biased with unreasonable opinions. They are hardly Christlike, and everything written is a hyperbole. And the misinformation and lies are disturbing– I read one article about the horrors of video games, and the author said Hitler played games like that.

    Video games weren’t even invented around then– not even close to then… I was thinking “you have GOT to be kidding me… People on here post things like this…?” And I saw the recent post about the dangers of the Black Veil Brides. I was motivated to look up the lyrics of the songs the woman posted, and there’s really nothing wrong with any of them when examined…

    They talk about anti-bullying (which I believe is a big problem in today’s youth– you should check out Geek Nation– it’s a wonderful Christian organization against it), and standing up for what you believe in… They did not encourage Satan-worship (although they themselves are atheist…), but their lyrics were comforting and encouraging. “You’re not alone” and “A savior will be there, when you are feeling alone, a savior for all that you do, so you can live freely without their harm” hardly seem deconstructive…
    The disciples were persecuted, tortured, and ridiculed for being different by the unbelievers. How does that make us any different from their persecutors if we ridicule a good cause like that, just because their approach is different? And what furthermore disturbed me was the author’s advocation of bullying other people just because they look different– she even encouraged her own grandchildren to participate in such demoralizing behavior! I was disgusted. I am shocked that you would allow people to post such blasphemy in the name of God.
    And the article on how evil kittens are! Kittens! I could not believe what I was reading! None of it was factual, none of it was even reasonable, and they advocated killing the poor defenseless animals! They are kittens, for Christ’s sake, not the devil’s minions! Who came up with that? I was utterly appalled.

    I ask that you seriously reconsider who you allow to post on this website, and carefully (with a more open-minded approach) read every post you allow to go up on there. Someone may read it, and believe some of that blasphemy because of the good name of your website.



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